Bunker (Object 221) Sevastopol

Good day, friends.
At this time I want to tell you about our campaign in the hopper (object 221), located on the Alsu near Sevastopol. In the days of the former greatness of our homeland we created a huge number of large-scale facilities and 221 - one of them. Emergency command center of the Black Sea fleet (namely, the official name of the object) was built from 1977 to 1992, and the collapse of the Union came to a complete desolation, despite the fact that there was virtually completed.

The bunker is located in Mount target, and is not visible from the outside. Two entrances to the underground structure is masked, but all the pictures.
30 pictures here.

The road to the bunker dug, so we put the car and start walking path.

On the left side we have located the abandoned buildings.

And more:

Starts lёgonky serpentine road up the hill.

The higher you go, the more beautiful views of.

And more:

Despite the passage of time, the asphalt surface is preserved in good condition, some sections of the road, I regretted not picked out of the car longboard.

After making a few more turns of the road, finally we go to one of the inputs. The windows are painted camouflage.

Yes, I forgot to attach the bin scheme that was clear at all out of the structure:

UPD: I updated the starting post. Begins to enter the bunker.

Once entered into the bunker, we heard a swarm of voices rising up from somewhere in the depths of the building. To be honest, it was really stremnovato, feeling as if ghosts or spirits any. But we understand that it's all the same people, though it is not clear what, in the bowels of the bunker so we preferred not to cross with them, but as they are with us.

We start to move inland.

We reach the first branching tunnels.
Right tunnel flooded, so we go to the left.

Here on it

Go to the other side of the tunnel

Carefully watch your step, because lots of hatches. Some carefully marked with ribbons of the same travelers.

There is also a thoughtful sign warning of the dangers ahead:

Such pictures in such a gloomy place are perceived very differently :)

And that's just the pits, which warned the writing on the wall

An offshoot of the tunnel

We continue to move forward

Going further, we heard voices approaching, we decided to just go back and go to another tunnel began to slowly go back, and those who went there saw the light from our lamps and too silent and went in another direction. In these places you do not want to tempt fate, who knows what can be found there.

Places within a lot. Ie These tunnels were designed including for the passage of vehicles, as evidenced by the inscription:

We reach another fork

Moving on

But looks like the ceiling in some places

Pass on a little dais. We climb

And we see the inscription

And the failure.

There apparently was supposed to be / or has a staircase

This elevator shaft

We pass a little further

Again we see the inscription "Mina." Joke Is this someone, or a real warning. Remembering the inscription about the sexual orientation of the military to go on, not having studied thoroughly the question the desire disappears. Decides to return back a little and turn into another tunnel.

Go ahead

On the walls there are comic stencils

Moving further

That's what we have on the right hand

But ahead:

And on the left hand

Since we made a reconnaissance trip to the bunker, we did not plan to be there a long time. Since the cellular communication within not take, just in case we left gps coordinates entry and session scheduled in an hour. Starts to move back, with plans to return here soon, but with respirators and for a longer time.

Coming to the surface, we decided to go to the other entrance, on the road doing some photo

Coming to the second input

Here he

It remained slightly worse

But there are already starting down the sokraschёnke down.

I have everything :)



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