This girl bought herself an old bomb shelter ... You would not believe what it took to her!

This bunker was built at the height of the Second World War, in 1942, Britain tried to strengthen its defense capabilities and erect like bomb shelters to protect their citizens during the Nazi air raids of the army.

Shelter has served faithfully for all the war years, and then for a long time was on the balance of the Ministry of Defence of Gdańsk, preparing svnova take the blow in case of a military conflict. But as time passed, the armies of the world armed with new types of ammunition, and a bunker had become obsolete. Because he learned valuable equipment and left vacant.

Mamad was doomed to oblivion, but once the Englishwoman Elizabeth Stratton saw the announcement of its sale, and set about trying to breathe new life into the hopper.


Refuge was sold along with the land around it and it cost about 200 thousand dollars. Another would place Elizabeth would have completely dismantled the bunker, and the bunker built in its place something new. But she decided to remake a bomb shelter in their own homes.


For this it was necessary to invest another 150 thousand dollars, and the former military bomb shelter turned into residential apartments.


Inside it had to do a huge amount of work, because the room was not originally intended for permanent housing there.


Disposition of the interior has remained unchanged, but had to completely remake the ventilation system, water supply and sewerage.


Since the appearance of the bunker decided to leave largely unchanged, the original decision had to find room lighting. After the concrete bomb shelter for maximum reliability covered with earth, and no it does not have windows.


For natural light, it was decided to arrange a special light pipes that go through the ceiling and the top of the pass of sunlight into the house.


Now the former bunker just do not know! It turned into a great modern apartment, which boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a huge living room.


True to achieve such a result had a lot of mess, because no one had ever held such a specific task to turn the air-raid shelter in the apartment building.


But the result exceeded all expectations Elizabeth. She says that more than comfortable place for her there.


"This is a magical castle! This animated story! It is a different world! - Says the hostess emotions. - At first I was very worried. I was afraid that because of my venture did not succeed. But now I know that my house - the best place on earth! »


Since the layout of the former bomb shelter remained almost unchanged, to the house of Elizabeth quite often visited by veterans with a guided tour. For them, this house is also a vivid reminder of the past, and an example of what can turn even a tactical object. After all, breathe new life into the hopper, it is much wiser than to throw him in the lurch.


It's amazing what a miracle was possible to make this girl a decrepit useless bunker! If you are impressed by this sudden transformation, then tell us about the new life of a bomb shelter your friends!

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