The Scottish government bunker

Normal farmhouse, there are hundreds of these and it seems one has only to stop at his door as there will-old farmer's wife and make you taste delicious English breakfast. And only the perimeter of barbed wire and sticking close headroom in the ventilation shafts have suggested that something was not right ...

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The object of Scotland's Secret Bunker is located near the town of St. Andrews, 5 kilometers from the North Sea coast. The exact date of construction is unknown, but it is known that the bunker began life in the late 40s as one of the radar stations project Rotor, aimed at preventing a possible nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. However, with the advancement of technology in the interception serednie 50s bunker "was laid off" and was mothballed. In 1958, bin razkonservirovali and turned to the regional headquarters of Civil Defense. Around 1970, the facility was substantially rebuilt, expanded and began to serve as a government bunker in case of nuclear attack. After the modernization there could accommodate up to 300 people. It was not until 1992, when at this place, it was decided to make the museum, which began its work in 1994.


4. Go inside.

5. Go down (literally span 4) the stairs and get into the corridor.

6. At the end of two stands for firefighters of which rooms are open.

7. The side wall of the progress in the cable collector.

8. Doors bunker. 1, 5 tons each.

9. Ventilation.

10. Sounds good.

11. Bunker duplex. Both levels have a similar layout - a corridor with rooms off of it.

12. Headquarters (?)

13. It is the view from the balcony.

14. Clinic.

15. Hallway of the upper level and the door to the dormitory.

16. The Bedroom.

17. The broadcasting studio, room sound engineer. Behind the glass room speaker.

18. The broadcasting studio, a room speaker.

19. Dvuhzalny cinema.

20. One of the halls, the second quite similar.

21. Chapel.

22. Explanatory label reads: «The computer room was linked into the National Database System with full access to the national defence computer».

23. Room with filtration equipment and heating. Unfortunately, it was closed down, took off through the glass in the door. Filters can be cleaned of radioactive particles, bacteria and gas 1500 cubic meters of air per minute, which allows you to completely upgrade the atmosphere in the bunker 14 times in 15 minutes. In case of fire, the system can pull the products of combustion with the rate 2200 cfm. The air can be cooled, heated, ozonated, deozonirovatsya, humidifying and dehumidifying. Further, in the hopper there kilowatt generator 750 capable of operating for 3 months. This equipment is still maintained in a serviceable condition.

24. Communications Centre.

25. Teletype.

26. Telephone commutators.

27. The staff of emergency services.

28. The same room as in photo 22.

29. Room of scientific advisers and the Meteorological Service.

30. Cabinet of the Minister (although it is not clear what Owned).

31. Department of Health

32. One of the rooms of Staff of the Civil Defense.

33. The headquarters of the Royal Air Force.

34. Room interception radar.

35. «This room contains the main computer control racks for BT digital communication ». «BT» is, apparently, bunkers telecommunications, although the exact decoding of this abbreviation, I have not found.

36 Housekeeping tip.

37. On the street something like the art museum under the open sky. The truth is actually quite a bit of technology and it is some much motley, feeling as though he found it and dragged, without any system. My attention was drawn to one exhibit.



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