Most tiny apartment in London

In London for the tiniest in the Kingdom of property - 5, 4 square meters vendors require "very heavy" price of 200 000 pounds (300 000 dollars). It's about the apartment, the size of a pool table, which was formerly a storage room. She appeared in a prestigious area of ​​London Knightsbridge in the late 80s. A good location, probably explains the price exceeds the average value of British housing for more than 50 thousand dollars.

The apartment size of 3, 1, 3, 65 "square", in addition to the bedrooms, there is a toilet, shower and wardrobe. Its current owner, Ray Barker (Ray Barker) has acquired property for 180 thousand dollars. He argues that it is very convenient, because it can get out, lying on the sofa, at the same time to take a shower, make coffee and open the door to visitors.
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