Government bunker in Scotland

Object Scotland's Secret Bunker is located in the city St. Andrews, 5 kilometers from the North Sea coast.
The exact date of construction is unknown, but it is known that the hopper started life in the late 40s as a radar station project Rotor,
aimed at preventing possible nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. However, with the advancement of technology interception in the mid-50s
bunker "got laid off" and was mothballed. In 1958, bin razkonservirovali and turned into a regional
headquarters of civil defense. About 1970 the facility was substantially rebuilt, expanded to serve as a government bunker
in case of nuclear attack. After upgrading here could accommodate up to 300 people. This lasted until 1992,
when at this point it was decided to make the museum, which began its work in 1994.

Ordinary farmhouse, there are hundreds of these and it seems one has only to stop at his door, as there will-old woman farmer's wife and make you taste the delicious English breakfast. And only the perimeter of barbed wire and sticking close to the field headroom ventilation shafts have suggested that something was not right. In fact, there is a museum.

We go inside.

We get down (literally span 4) the stairs and get into the corridor.


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