Edinburgh - the heart and the ancient capital of Scotland (35 photos)

Edinburgh - the heart and the ancient capital of Scotland, with nearly half the population. It is considered one of the most beautiful and most picturesque cities in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is unique among Scotland's cities, thanks to the development of tourism, proximity to England and the bizarre mixture of cultures. Here, trendy clubs are located in historic buildings of the XV century, only in this city peacefully crossed past and the future.

And Edinburgh is very changeable. In one hour, the weather can change radically several times - from the soft sun to cold rain with strong wind. However, the sun there is quite rare, even in the warm season. Gloomy city looks more and for its architecture. Because of high humidity, the stone from which the buildings were built, dark. Especially nice it looks on the gothic churches, making them heavy and ominous.

1) Any street you choose to walk, hit the incredible prospects powerful battlements of the castle, volcanic peaks and hills.

2) The best time to travel to Edinburgh from May to September. But whenever you go here, equally likely to be cloudy or sunny.

3) Edinburgh is famous for its museums. Writers Museum, dedicated to Walter Scott, Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson - their visitors - it's basically a creative personality. Museum of Edinburgh greater interest to connoisseurs of history. A Museum of Childhood, which is famous for the abundance of toys - parents with children.


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