Ten interesting facts associated with flags

10th place: the state symbols in an article 329 of the Criminal Code of Russia. Penalties may be subjected to the one who hangs out a flag, not when it is necessary. But hang it, according to Russian law, only on holidays. The same law concerning flags worked in the Soviet Union.

9th place: Behind torn flag can receive two years of the colony. Incidentally, in 1977, the flag of one of the houses in Moscow tore drunk student Shchukin Theater School Michael Shirvindt. Saved his father, who persuaded the police to change the wording in the report, "the Soviet flag" to "festive flag».

8th place: You can also pay for the wrong flag hanging. By law, the district and regional flags have to hang lower than in Russia. Local flags should hang to the right of the state.

7th place: In the UK, there is no single formal national flag: a well-a well-known flag "Union Jack" is formally considered to be one of the two royal flag (along with the Royal Standard) and is used as a national symbol by special order of the Queen. No special restrictions on its use there, except for one. Since the "Union Jack" is officially jack Royal Navy, it should not be lifted on merchant ships.

6th place: In Israel, too, there is no law about the flag. The main requirement - do not hang the flag in the "insulting manner." At the same time, the concept of "insulting behavior" is not defined.

5th place: In Germany, it is forbidden to any insult to the national flag (punishment - imprisonment up to three years). Never leave the flag up after sunset when the flagpole is not illuminated lanterns.

4th place: Perhaps the most detailed rules on what can and can not do with the national flag, there are in the United States. The rapid rise of the flag is done at dawn, slow descent - at sunset.

3rd place: In no case the flag should not touch the ground or water. If the flag is not made of water-repellent material, it can not hang out in bad weather.

2nd place: Nevertheless, the US flag is one of the most vulnerable, for example, citizens have the constitutional right to a full protest against something by burning the flag. Trying to stop it has been successfully challenged in court as violating citizens' right to freedom of expression.

1st place: Denmark, Norway and Sweden, citizens have a right to a variety of ways to mock their national flags, but treated as a foreign flag is prohibited.


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