Ten informative and interesting facts

Ten informative and interesting facts that most do not know.

In the first half of the XX century in the Summer Olympic Games included competitions among painters, architects, sculptors, musicians and poets.

The close physical contact promotes a more active development of male hormone oxytocin. The effects of this hormone (at least partly) can be attributed to the loyalty and devotion peculiar to men in monogamous relationships.

American agronomist Norman Borlaug developed new varieties of cereals, the yield of which was four times higher than normal. The invention Borlaug helped save the lives of over a billion people, which allows us to call it one of the most influential people in history.

According to experts of NASA man is able to hold more than 30 seconds in open space without a spacesuit without serious health consequences.

Ronald Reagan was once an FBI informant in Hollywood and regularly reported to "where necessary" to the actors, who are suspected of conducting subversive activities.

In the US, it was designed implant a neurostimulator, which, when implanted into a woman's body gives her the opportunity to have an orgasm at any time - just click on the supplied remote.

At the beginning of the joint work cheated Jobs, Steve Wozniak. The friends took up the development of the video game Breakout for the company Atari, and the agreement was to divide the revenue 50/50. For this project Atari paid Jobs $ 5000. Jobs lied, that the fee was $ 700 for two, with the result that Wozniak was only $ 350. He learned of the deception only after several years.

The Babylonians used the sexagesimal number system, so we divide the hour into 60 minutes, a circle - 360 degrees and so on.

The body of some old or not very effective working termites appear unique, filled with toxic substances "backpacks" that could "explode" if the insect feels the danger. These termites are, in essence, act as suicide bombers, when the colony is attacked.

In England, the 18th century pineapple served as one of the indicators of high social status. Often, owners rent one pineapple on the evening to show guests their worth.

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