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01. New York Flatiron Building became famous immediately after construction. The fact that an acute angle construction creates a special motion of air currents, so that the slightest gust of wind lifts her skirt instantly passing by women. As a result, about the "iron" began to "watch" the crowd of young people, which even had to break up with the help of the police.

02. Our Earth is so great that the free fall of its surface to the center would take about 32 hours.

03. human DNA and banana are the same 50%.

04. The custom of sleeping all night appeared just 200 years ago. Before this it was decided to sleep twice a day. Between the first and second phases of sleep people to work or read. According to scientific research, recently more and more people are returning to the old "two-phase" sleep.

05. During the First World War, Romania's leadership has decided to send in his vast collection of Russian national values, believing that there they will be safer. But in 1918 the Soviet government to sever all diplomatic ties with Romania, refused to return the treasures. These values ​​are worth more than 1, 5 billion dollars to date are located in Russia and return them no one is going.


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