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For the filming of "The Fifth Element" and Milla Jovovich Luc Besson invented "heavenly language" and by the end of filming quite smartly on it communicated.

Once, during a party guys played with a ball pool. One of them, trying to catch the ball, slipped and fell into the water and hit his head on the bottom. When he awoke, the guy (his name is Derek Amato) felt a musical talent, which he he has never been. He began to play the piano, though he never studied, and became a great pianist.

One Bosnian organized a simulation of his own death to see who of your friends, relatives and friends will come to his funeral, and how they will mourn. Checked. He came to bury his mother only.

Contrary to popular belief, Henry Ford did not invent the assembly line. Before the industrial revolution in the enterprise "Venetian Arsenal" conveyors used in the construction of large merchant ships in 24 hours. It was almost 600 years before the founding of the company "Ford".

After the death of "Titanic" survived mostly women and children, and after the sinking of "Lusitania" saved list consisted mainly of men. The reason, according to psychologists at different speed with which these two ship went to the bottom. "Lusitania" sank in 20 minutes, and the men on board the instinct of self-preservation. "Titanic" after hitting an iceberg remained afloat 160 minutes. This time was enough for the majority of boys were able to suppress the instinct and start acting like a man.

A study conducted by experts at Duke University found that male rhesus monkeys are able to make many sacrifices in order to admire the ass females: "Almost all the males abandoned the goodies in order to look at the buttocks females ... they really attach great importance picture. "

This magnum shotgun called "punt gun". About 120 years ago, it was widely used for duck hunting, but later banned because of fears of extinction game.

Once, on the eve of an important match of boxer Sugar Ray Robinson he had a dream that kills an enemy and tried to cancel the fight. After much persuasion, he still agreed to fight. The fight really ended the death of his opponent Jimmy Doyle, who, incidentally, died due to knockout a year ago, and not because of the severe beating Robinson.

Australian researchers have deduced the recipe of the beer, which is never a hangover. The secret is more electrolytes can pull the body from dehydration, which, ultimately, induce and hangover.

The term "sniper" was originally designated hunter - skilled enough to get into the snipe (in English "snipe"). This bird is small and very fast, besides its flight path unpredictable.

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