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Did you know that Mexico's attempt to escape from prison is not a crime? Local laws considering the desire of every person to be free as a natural and fundamental. In this collection you can find other interesting and informative facts,

It turns out that the impact of a weak electrical current to the brain can improve the mathematical ability of man, with the effect will be felt for up to six months. Thanks to this discovery in the future it will be possible to help nearly 20 percent suffer dyscalculia (ie, inability to study arithmetic).

On the human foot can live more than 200 different types of fungi.

One nun really needed a ladder, and she did not appeal to anyone. The pious woman began to pray fervently to the patron saint of carpenters Joseph. Soon, on the threshold he appeared a man who offered his services for a couple of months, and fashioned a beautiful solid spiral staircase. When the work was completed, the man just disappeared, without receiving any payment or gratitude, and all attempts to find him have been unsuccessful. Curiously, the staircase is made without any props, without a single nail and thus rotates 360 degrees.

Kissing, we burn 2 calories per minute, while undressing - as much as 8!

The light enters the mouth easily thanks to Sway streamlined pear shape and the fact that the position of the closed mouth you the most easiest to push the jaws as the jaw muscles were not originally stretched. When this nonsense has already occurred, while keeping the mouth and jaw muscles tense up even more compressed, so pull back the light bulb becomes a jaunty problem. Open the mouth again maksialno you can only after the jaw muscles relax, that is the state of the closed mouth.

In Turkey, lives a family of five who, presumably due to a genetic mutation, called syndrome Yunera Tana, moving only as a four-legged animal. And these people do not move as primates (with a support to the joints of the fingers), and relying on the palm, on which narosli large corn. Also unusual mode of transportation, "four-legged" Turkish distinguishes reduced it (they cost a set of about 100 words) and an incredibly long to human hands.

According to one theory, the tradition to go on a honeymoon - a residual phenomenon of the tradition of "bride theft", when the newly-husband had some time to hide the stolen wife, in order to avoid reprisals on the part of her family.

During World War II, Bill Tutt cracked the code of the German cipher machine Lorenz with just a pen and paper. Tutt had never seen that car and used a mistake of the Germans who accidentally sent the same coded twice. This episode is considered one of the greatest intellectual achievements of the 20th century.

In 1992, a group of Australians set itself the goal of whatever was to win the jackpot of the national lottery. They invested $ 5 million in lottery tickets (for a dollar per ticket) to cover almost every possible combination and won $ 27 million.

The Aztecs bathe twice a day. They used flowers for mouthwash and tooth brushing, and to give your skin a subtle flavor. The Spaniards at the same time trying to avoid all water treatment in any way, because they believed that the water hitting the skin, making them more susceptible to infectious diseases. Mouth rinse they own urine.

A constricted in the media fan of American football club the Green Bay Packers are constantly gave blood to the money to buy tickets for the matches. Several years passed, and he learned that suffers from a rare fatal disease of blood, from which you can escape only bloodletting. Without knowing it, he was all this time saved his life.

Despite the fact that the Soviet Union has not existed for more than 20 years, he still has the second highest number of Olympic medals in history.

All sold civilians GPS-navigators are programmed to self-deactivated when the travel speed exceeds 1200 miles per hour (approx. 1931 km / h). This is done so that navigators can not be used to control the intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Only 8% of the world's currencies are physical money. The rest exists only in computers.

In 2006, one employee of Coca-Cola stolen from their bosses recipe soda and tried to sell it to Pepsi. There are not only rejected the proposal, but also called the FBI, and warned the leadership of Coca-Cola.

During the First World War, Romania's leadership has decided to send in his vast collection of Russian national values, believing that there they will be safer. But in 1918 the Soviet government to sever all diplomatic ties with Romania, refused to return the treasures. These values ​​are worth more than 1, 5 billion dollars to date are located in Russia and return them no one is going.

Our Earth is so great that the free fall of its surface to the center would take about 32 hours.

In 1967 disappeared Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt. I went swimming with friends in the Gulf and evaporate. Drowning he could not because he was an excellent swimmer, shark in the places he has never vodilos, to commit suicide at the cheerful premiere there was no reason. Holt's body was never found. This disappearance was included in Australian folklore. The expression "to make Harold Holt" is local to disappear suddenly and mysteriously.

One was sentenced to death in the US state of Georgia offender tried to commit suicide a few hours before the execution. He was saved, healed, and brought the sentence suspended for a week.

One Japanese stockbroker for eight years turned his $ 13,600 initial capital of $ 156 million, but still continues to feed almost exclusively cheap instant noodles.

In 1730, the French pirate Olivier Levasseur was sentenced to the gallows. Before his execution, he suddenly threw the crowd a note cryptogram, shouting: "Find my treasure, if you can!" The treasure has not yet been found.

Little elephants did not immediately learn to drink water with the help of the trunk. At first, they quench their thirst because

New York Flatiron Building became famous immediately after construction. The fact that an acute angle construction creates a special motion of air currents, so that the slightest gust of wind lifts her skirt instantly passing by women. As a result, about the "iron" began to "watch" the crowd of young people, which even had to break up with the help of the police.

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