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Did you know that Mexico's attempt to escape from prison is not a crime? Local laws considering the desire of every person to be free as a natural and fundamental. In this collection you can find other interesting and informative facts,

It turns out that the impact of a weak electrical current to the brain can improve the mathematical ability of man, with the effect will be felt for up to six months. Thanks to this discovery in the future it will be possible to help nearly 20 percent suffer dyscalculia (ie, inability to study arithmetic).

On the human foot can live more than 200 different types of fungi.

One nun really needed a ladder, and she did not appeal to anyone. The pious woman began to pray fervently to the patron saint of carpenters Joseph. Soon, on the threshold he appeared a man who offered his services for a couple of months, and fashioned a beautiful solid spiral staircase. When the work was completed, the man just disappeared, without receiving any payment or gratitude, and all attempts to find him have been unsuccessful. Curiously, the staircase is made without any props, without a single nail and thus rotates 360 degrees.

Kissing, we burn 2 calories per minute, while undressing - as much as 8!


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