How to become a pilot of a large aircraft

Modern aircraft - a flying computer. And in order to become a pilot have a lot to learn and basic emergency procedures. Also must be able to perform all phases of flight and in normal mode and do the same thing with different failures. This will require many hours of hard training.
Let's see how the preparation of crews at the training center.

The center was opened in 2004 and has modern training facilities for different types of initial training, retraining and advanced training of crew members and ground staff.

In the center operates a full (as written on the site) School of flight attendants and flight attendants. Duration of training on flight attendants - two months. And just passes through the center of about 30 000 people a year. That pilots and flight attendants and ground staff.

Training Hall, where you learn to open doors, sliding down the ladder to save the passengers and help them in the event of an emergency landing.

Here are a variety of simulators and pieces of equipment (mainly the doors) of different aircraft. In the photo, for example, emergency simulator "AN-148»:

This simulator rescue evacuation A310:

As it turned out, in the technology of ejection of the ladder there are many subtleties that passengers do not teach. I think that at least once in their lives each passenger should be on such a roll down the ramp. In a real situation it will help.

Now let's look at the emergency simulator A320.

The simulator allows you to practice a variety of complex situations on board to simulate all kinds of fire areas.

Extinguish the fire in the luggage rack. There should be little to lift the lid, push the bell extinguisher and walk them along the entire length:

The complex has a swimming pool and fitness equipment are, where flight attendants work out the salvation of the passengers on the water, so in an emergency in a few minutes all the time to save and put on rafts. All of them must be able to swim. They work out the technique to pick up passengers in the water unconscious on the raft:

And now let's look at the most interesting - pilot training. This CBT - Computer Based Training. In fact, the crew is acquainted with shower. On the basis of the software learns about the work and functioning of all aircraft systems. Those. roughly speaking - theory. Print a panel boards memorized the location of buttons, toggle switches and arrows. Memorize steps to "control card" in different situations. By the way, on a torrent you can find CBT to all known models and see yourself what it is:

Further training is a procedural simulator MFTD A320-200:

It is designed for training to familiarize with the A320 cockpit. Also simulated faults:

Finally, the most interesting - full simulators, which have six degrees of freedom and allow mimic almost all situations in air. In the photo - synthetic flight trainer A320-200 entered into service in April 2009:

This home trainer "AN-148»:

The most interesting - is the newest A320 simulator, which started in August last year:

First I flew the simulator. The sensations are amazing, especially when the baggy band slowly accumulates on you and you realize that you do not get it very difficult:

It seemed to me that some comrades neighing bit over my ego when climbing in the right seat, I said that I know the basics, and explain to me nothing. But no! Simmerskogo 10 years of experience, hundreds of hours of IFR, a little simulator 737 and, of course, the love of aviation, were not in vain.

He flies on hand round in Innsbruck. The aircraft landed all right.

However, right! But I want to clarify that the control flaps and ores carried the aircraft commander. I've just piloted the joystick. By the way, so it is convenient to operate, it turns out! It is a pity that it was not possible to sit on the left to figure out how to fly with his left hand.

A320, released in 1988, became the first passenger aircraft, which was used wire control system.

At the end of the 80s this aircraft was a breakthrough in the civil aviation and the philosophy of cabins:

The workplace instructor. From here you can set all the parameters of the world, the weather and, of course, failures. Moreover, the crews are trained on a combination of incredible failures and consequences. Actions practiced to automaticity. A part of the operations, where the time is very critical (for example, emergency reduction) is performed from memory:

The plane lies a whole bunch of defenses. Including from the stall and overspeed, and from a strong bank, and many other bad actions of the crew. Since the control handle is connected with the control surfaces only electrically, the computer analyzes the actions of pilots and makes its own amendments. For example, if you give a handle on yourself, then the aircraft will perk up, but up to a point. Then work protection from loss of speed. Of course, there is much more complicated system, I describe it only in general terms.

Initially we had problems with the new system, but the cure of childhood diseases, the A320 has become one of the most popular and safest aircraft in the world. Now in use is more than 4 400 cars. And about 2 400 cars eagerly awaiting customers.

The chair sat the Jura - a former Moscow-manager approach, which already flies the A320 co-pilot in the airline S7. First, he showed all kinds of protection. How they work and how to react plane. By the way, there is a pause in the simulator. It turns out that if pressed, the mobile platform comes into the horizon. But the picture remains on the screen! And when the instructor pressed pause in a strong pitch (the angular motion of the aircraft), the cabin has leveled off. A picture of the world was left with lowered horizon. My vestibular system a little horrified by this discrepancy:

After that, the instructor has disabled all the protection - simulated failure of the system.

There Jura has shown that you can do on the plane. Believe me, even on the simulator is a picture causes goosebumps and a chill in her hair. But still they came out of the peak! In the last footage was transferred to the aircraft in a climb!

But the slide. Once again, that in normal operation, is to do not let the electronic system:

A feedback system and does not run. To do this it was necessary to overload the entire simulator. We decided to sit well.

Good instructor after decision height accept the failure of one engine. Yuri withstood the test and landed the plane:

Remote god simulator :)

The simulator will allow to fly at night in the most unimaginable combinations of weather conditions. Simulate all kinds of failures and combinations thereof. And the actions of the crew to develop automaticity in different situations.



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