He just cut with scissors tag for sneakers. The disappointing output!

Buying modern shops and markets shoes, you even can't imagine, how advanced "underground" textile industry! Counterfeit goods are everywhere...

Instead of quality products and the brand, shoes with Asian factories can often be found even in boutiques. And I do not want to shell out a considerable sum for a small fake... Hate when you cheat.

Material of questionable quality, uneven seams, an excessive amount of accessories and fancy labels are only a few signs of forgeryin which you can determine the manufacturer of the purchased shoes.

"Site" will help to understand this difficult matter and will share a couple of tips on how to quickly and without mistakes to detect fake brands!

How to distinguish a fake
  1. The markings on the box and the article
    Watermarks, a unique number and a hologram, article — key points to which you should pay attention when choosing shoes. This is the basic information that you can identify the original manufacturer. If the SKU on the box is original, then any search engine will give you many online stores and photos with this model of shoes.

  2. The sole of the Shoe
    All original shoes has a distinctive pattern on the sole. Study on the website of the brand, how it should look like the shoes this manufacturer. Look through the photos on the Internet.

  3. Quality accessories
    To banality is simple recommendation: carefully visitavi inscriptions on the fittings, not only on the price tag and external labels. Have a quality product every lightning, and even the rivets are numbered and have a name that fully coincides with the brand name.

  4. Insertion of an application
    Have a look at the features of attachment of panels and applications with the company name. Often under external panels can hide the real name of the brand.

  5. Choosing new shoes, to visit the official stores which are certified by representatives of your favorite brands. Do not be lazy and look at the websites of the favorite brands, where are the true addresses of such stores, the actual collection and current prices for the goods.

Look how professional are the employees of underground shops!

Now you can easily distinguish a quality product from a high level parody of a favorite thing. Do not lose vigilance!

Be selective in your preferences. And be sure to share this article with your friends and family!

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