Man relationships are much more important than the woman...

There is a legend that a woman is hard to find a husband (boyfriend, partner, all these names are equally disgusting, so what's the difference). She, like, years sing in the mansion and even if someone coveted. And her type really, the years are passing. And these enforcers just past dart, and each hanging on two Chicks, and two more are running behind. The man does not have this problem, legend has it, he to girlfriends as in the litter digs.

The most malicious in this myth is not that he is stupid. The most malicious in it that's not true. Men have this problem too, and you cannot imagine its scope.

Man relationships are much more important than the woman. Without them, he simply disappears. And not from some existential considerations that there is no one socks to count, but from a purely household — when a man alone, he just doesn't understand what to do with myself. He needs himself someone to give because he is all this magnificence is not able to find any use.


But here comes the stop, no the gift is not needed. And the years are passing, parenthetically. You are there pischite? All you need and you years not going? And who is here this morning ranting on the forum that a man on whom to lay his head, the vile, the women all serve the oligarch and love from them fucking wait? Oh, you oligarch? I know you to no end. Don't leg it, literally on the street not to go. No, do not go, I know they all only want your money, and you need love, Yes where to take it.

Actually it is not very difficult, I'm teaching you now. First you need to catch a woman. Needless to giggle, look at yourself closely. She is definitely not running. Catch the game only in two cases — if it is seriously ill or if she is not looking. Healthy and vigorous game runs faster than you. Ie you make such a good predator. We assume that you leopard.

There are some confusing definitions. For instance, consider the individual weakened and easy prey for a woman who has long been sitting without a relationship and somehow sad. Do not make this error. She's not dying, she's just bored. She was with you out of boredom hang out a couple of months, you will see that is truly boring and you will not convince her that in fact you have fun and you just have to get used to.

Woman should be caught, not when she is bored, and when she is suffering. Great work aunt who offends the husband. Best of all, if the husband is not a moron — this aunt of terror have nothing to think and distinguish only "hit — no hit". You she'd love. But if the husband is just an asshole, the case is also not hopeless, it is important to show her the difference. My husband, for example, grey socks, and she used that life is pain. And you — oops! blue. Not all men are the same! There is hope! I've got you, pet.

© Robert Doisneau

If a woman has no husband and no it is not demoralizing in the morning until the evening, it somewhat complicates the task. But don't despair. Not only a married woman is waiting for a deliverer. Look for one that's gonna lose your mind from worries. First, she's so busy that she had no time for you to look at, this increases the chances of success. Second, it's easy to his position — it is enough to solve some of its problems. For example, to fix her kettle. From now on you will be called "that solves the problem," can possess, she will come round soon, she has too much to do.

After a woman is caught, should not relax. The result must be secured, ie to ensure that she will not run. The danger is great in both cases. If you took her away from gray socks, your blue socks will cease to be for her curiosity, but the second pair you have, more you have nothing to surprise her. If you got it as the Almighty potenital kettle — she'll remember that the roof leaks and the fence was lop-sided and that she did not before tea. As new socks and new fence you still can not afford, your weapon is the word. Promise her that all will be well. With the kettle did it happen? And the rest will work out. This argument usually has great success.

When she wakes up and she gets that, she threw herself at the kettle, she will be no more than a day of your acquaintance, and these forces she will not spend for this. Blue socks also by that time become familiar, and it will fall into the same moral hibernation, in which you found it. You solved your problem — you have a woman, and she with you for free and voluntarily. But if you don't hit her — so she not even happy.published


Author: Malka Laurence


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