How much to go to sleep to Wake up fresh? This table is a real discovery!

All of us know the feeling of vigor and cheerfulness in the morning, but such good days sometimes can be counted on the fingers. Often the majority of people wakes up with a feeling of fatigue, sleepiness and nesobrannosti.

The fact is that many people incorrectly calculate the time for productive sleep. Sleep is a cyclic process which consists of a fast phase and a slow. This cycle lasts approximately 1.5 hours. To fully relax, a person needs 5 cycles.

To Wake up, feel fresh and energetic, it is necessary to calculate Wake-up time so that a Wake-up call sounded at that moment, when you're in the REM phase of sleep. It is at this point easier to return to reality.

How to go to sleep
  1. Using this simple table you can easily calculate the time when you need to go to bed.

  2. Go to bed always in the same place. In any case you can not work in the room where you sleep. The bedroom is a sacred place!

  3. If you don't sleep in the night, you shouldn't go to sleep during the day. In the case of severe energy shortages, you can sleep during the day, but not more than 45 minutes.

  4. To your day was healthy and productive, you should limit evening in front of a computer, a TV or gadgets. The fact that artificial light affects our brain activity, causing the consciousness to be awake.

  5. All those who love to eat before bed, you can do it always. But without fanaticism and not later than 2 hours before bedtime! Food is a great antidepressant. The best option for an evening snack will be a Cup of milk or buttermilk.

Find out more about the benefits of sleep, and also about the difference between male and female sleep in our videos!

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