How to sleep and sleep — useful tips

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For those who have never had sleep problems, good sleep may not stand at all. But most people probably already had to deal with such a nuisance as insomnia. Although most of our sleep problems hard to call such a serious word as insomnia. Sometimes that is just hard to sleep and in the morning there is a feeling that sleep is not enough. If you once need to stop and honestly answer the question when you are ready to deal with this issue. Better today. Sleep affects all: total samochuvstvie, energy, or lack thereof, appearance of the skin, even the gleam in his eyes. Nutritionists way related to sleep, how to best Supplement to any diet. Many, unfortunately, unable to ignore the dream. When there are so many interesting, it is difficult to put out the light, close facebook and instagram and go to bed. If you go late or can't sleep, natural cycles of slipping and popping of the state of dissatisfaction with life and the risk of heart disease, not to mention the problems with excess weight. We are created not for all the time in the race. After a busy day, we need proper rest. Below are some tips on how to fall asleep calmly and without unnecessary thoughts, and Wake up easy and in a good mood! Day
Wake up properly
Researchers believe that if you need the alarm to Wake up, so you sleep properly. Alarm clocks interrupt the sleep cycle until its completion. There are several ways how you can Wake up without the annoying ringing. For example, there is a clock that simulates dawn and Wake you up with light that is more natural than the sound. Also there are different apps for the iphone, for example, sleep cycle. It analyzes your sleep and wakes you when you are in the proper phase. Waking up this way, you will feel rested and relaxed.
Relax during danaidae a quiet place in the office and for 5 minutes focus on your breathing, then on the hands and feet. Slowing his mind and calming the body, you take the pressure off. Walk in the fresh air
We live and work in artificially lit environments and forget how important the light of day. Natural light passing through our eyes, regulates the biological clock and our brain releases chemicals and hormones that are important for sleep. At least half an hour walks during the working day will make your sleep stronger and calmer.
Sports help us sleep. The best time for 4-6 hours before you are going to go to bed, but not later than 20-00. If you have time for exercise in the morning, be sure to use them. Exercise serves the right signals to your body that promote deep sleep phases. Additionally, physical fatigue is very good for speed as we fall asleep. Be careful what you eat
Sugar, sweet syrups, processed and refined products seriously affect your sleep. Also, if you want to sleep better, avoid dairy products and flour. Memories from my childhood about milk and bread with honey at night, as you can see, there is not the benefit. And, of course, it is not necessary to run the stomach before going to sleep, allow the body to focus on the recovery process — so the sleep will be stronger. The evening
Become offline
An hour before you decided to go to bed, turn off the phone, TV, and surround yourself with loved ones or books, when you read which you do not need to strain your brain — the adventures or novels the most.
Get ready to sleep, Turn on a dim light, slow music or take a warm bath — a huge simple and inexpensive treat, about which we often forget. Uspokoenie mind

Often people find it difficult to sleep from the constant thoughts that are swirling in my head. Discipline yourself to do simple breathing exercises and meditate. This will help you to reduce stress and calm the mind. Night Modes
First of all, determine the ideal time for you to go to sleep. It's not necessarily 11 o'clock in the evening, someone later, someone earlier. Just try to feel your body. Then decide for yourself how many times a week you can break that schedule. It is very difficult in a moment to radically change your schedule, but try to go in normal time, several times a week possible. Sleep in the dark
We need the dark, to stand out of the sleep hormone melatonin. If you go to sleep with the light on, this disrupts your circadian rhythms. Even the smallest sources can disrupt the production of sleep hormone. Try that in a bedroom were not included charging mobile phones, computer monitors, watch DVD etc. Windows should also be tightly shuttered. If this is not possible, wear an eye mask.
 Ventilate the bedroom
The room in which you sleep should be cool. Lowering ambient temperature sends a signal to the brain that it is time to start the sleep hormone. It is therefore important that in hot weather the bedroom is well ventilated. Do not ignore the noise
You don't have to sleep with the noise. If you live in a noisy area you are concerned about neighbors or Pets, be sure to use ear plugs.
 Choose bedding made of 100% cotton
Say that we are in bed we spend almost a third of your life, so it's important to make that time as comfortable as possible. Bed linen from 100% cotton with a high thread count will make your sleep more pleasant. AromatherapyIs no joke, a few drops of lavender oil will really help you easier to fall asleep. Try, the main thing is not too much that the smell was unobtrusive. By incorporating these tips into your life, you will feel a huge difference! Because sleep is the thread "that ties health and your body," — words of the English poet Thomas Dewer. And of course, love yourself — this is the main rule in taking care of your health! published



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