12 simple tricks that will help you choose the perfect shoes

The ability to choose quality and beautiful shoes can be compared to real art. Before visiting a Shoe store should have a clear idea of what kind of shoes are necessary, and strictly adhere to a rule not to buy shoes just by their appearance.

We are at the Website , too, wondered at what points when buying shoes should pay particularly close attention. Results in front of you.

  • Be sure to check hold if the shape of the toe part and the heel. If they press and let go of the dents should remain. The heel must be hard, as the soft will quickly settle and will bring you a lot of inconvenience while walking.
  • Shoes have to choose the size of the larger foot. It sounds funny, but a very large number of people one foot is slightly larger than the second. Therefore, you should try on shoes in several sizes and buy the one in which both feet will feel comfortable.
  • A mandatory requirement for new shoes — stability. If you buy high-heeled shoes, try a little pressure on the rise. Sometimes the heel "pulls" back. Such a pair is not worth taking — wobbly gait and podsushiwauschee heels will spoil you a lot of nerves.

  • Also pay attention to the flexibility of the sole. Take a new Shoe in one hand and the other fold the toe part. If the flexibility of the sole is insufficient, the toe joint cannot move normally. From this it may be gait disturbance, rapid fatigue, the body needs additional energy consumption.
  • You should not buy shoes in which the foot uncomfortable. Don't have to hope that she quickly posted. This can lead to poor circulation, poor muscle function. In addition, such shoes can then quickly lose the attractive appearance.
    In order to surely avoid such a situation, stand in socks on a sheet of construction paper and trace around foot with the pen. Cut the traces right and left foot. Attach the resulting traces in the shoes you want to purchase. The tracks must enter into shoes without bending at the edges.
  • Properly buy shoes in the evening. Because at the end of the day the feet are a bit swollen and consequently bigger, and this means that the pair of shoes that fit you in the morning, evening will be too narrow and RUB the foot.

  • Check the shoes by hand from the inside. Inner surface of the Shoe should be soft, without rough internal seams. The insole should be soft enough and be removed from footwear.
  • When trying on shoes, walk on a solid surface. Get off the carpet on the bare floor. Because any shoes much more comfortable sitting on the leg when you are standing on the carpet.
  • It must be remembered that the legs can be slightly longer and wider, so every 2 years need to measure their size. Especially if you buy shoes via the Internet.

  • If you purchase high-heeled shoes, it is important that the foot is in any case not moved on the block, as in the process of wearing shoes pair and the leg goes forward, which can lead to breakage of the heel.
  • Buying shoes with fur, fitting it is important to note that the fur will crush and in-Shoe formed additional space.
  • Buying suede shoes, it is important to remember that she quickly pair, so fitting it should tightly cover the foot.
  • If the shoes elongated toe part, 1-2 cm long in the toe should remain free.
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