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As with any fragrances applied to the skin had no irritation, the smell was unobtrusive to others, and your health is not affected? Some facts in favor of natural flavors from LivingVega.

We rarely think about what is hidden in a beautiful bottle of perfume brands promoted: the mind is quite other thoughts – if persistent aroma, how it will feel on my skin, and some of its stars recently advertised in fashion magazines. Let's look at these flavors from the other side.4 facts about the industrial perfume

Behind the scenes. In the perfume industry, used by more than 900 synthetic ingredients that are toxic. Moreover, manufacturers not always indicate the entire composition of the perfume on the bottle: thanks to a loophole in the Law of reflection of truth on the packaging and labeling of goods from 1966, which allows perfumers to hide under the phrase “trade secret” knows that.


Don't breathe, beaver! Studies show that the most popular brands do not list in part harmful to human ingredients, particularly those that cause a hormonal imbalance, reproductive toxicity, damage to sperm, allergic problems, skin problems, breathing and even asthma, and liver damage, and contain carcinogens that provoke cancer. By the way, I noticed that sometimes spirits from headache? All these toxic substances. Of course, if you fragrance like a flower, this is unlikely to trigger a headache, but if the bottle comes obviously synthetic smell that is only vaguely reminiscent of floral aromas, it is likely that in perfume at least forty-toxic ingredients that you barely psycow, only what is inhaled.


Ethanol is toxic! Most manufacturers of fragrance use denatured alcohol as a main component of their spirits, to put it simply, ethanol. Being denatured, ethanol becomes unfit for consumption as a drink. This is another dig at the defenders of ethanol, which is allegedly harmless to humans and absolutely non-toxic. Flammable (preduprejdenie what you can find, turning the bottle) liquid, toxic, harmful to the respiratory tract and is easily absorbed into the skin, depresses the nervous system, can cause irritation of the eyes, lungs, and adversely affects the liver, blood, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and reproductive system. And so only one of the ingredients of industrial perfume, and there's hundreds of them!


Not always clear the smell. Alcoholic spirits, thanks to the ethanol content, reveal their aroma immediately, intensely and vividly, in some cases, even sharply, and then within an hour or two the scent gradually evaporates, and the whole bunch. Very often alcohol-based perfumes contain a mix of smells that umoristicheskie receptors are not able to distinguish between one thing and the nose feels only irritation, and when the alcohol evaporates, instead of a bouquet remains only a vague trail either from the top or bottom notes. In the end, to catch what I wanted to say the manufacturer of spirits in advertising and even packaging, it is simply impossible!

5 facts in favor of the aromatherapyEssential oils are extracted from plants, and most of them have in addition to the pleasant sensations turisticheskih therapeutic effect and have a beneficial effect on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. The long-known “Bach flower remedies” and polyubivshiesya many roller aroma-spirits of The Goddess Line prescribe on their bottles of full strength, and the producers of The Goddess that make their spirits by hand, do not forget to specify that their products contains no alcohol, no water, only natural oils and essences, each set of which has a certain property.


Essential oils do not contain alcohol. If you see the contents of the “essential oil” alcohol, keep in mind that the risk of the presence of toxins in this product increases markedly. Quality manufacturer of aromatic oils in the know: alcohol and aromatherapy oils to mix useless – not only that, the fragrance oil will evaporate quickly, it also will not the way you expect. About the therapeutic action of such mixtures needless to say: it is not there.


Aroma oils are economical to use, only need one or two drops. Although the disclosure of the smell will have to wait a bit: natural essences completely and gently open your bouquet for 1-2 minutes, but always better balanced than the perfume based on alcohol.


Natural aroma oils are more simple in their connections, but spotlessly clean and have a smell in your erection that is one which is used in their composition.


Vitality alcohol-free natural aromatic essences stronger at times, and they do not smell lingers around the media obsession with halo. Gently sitting on the body of essences, more subtle in all senses, this fragrance will not be bothersome to inform the people about your appearance for a moment before you enter the room and hanging around you tight vaguely distinct aromatic cloud. published


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