The salt sculpture of the Dead Sea


The dead sea is the Jordan valley. Besides the fact that it is the saltiest lake in the world, its shores are the lowest point of land on Earth. In order to achieve its water surface and the banks, will have to go down to 423 meters below sea level. With a depth of 377 metres, it is also hypercalemia the deepest lake in the world. The salinity of Dead sea is 33.7 %, which is 8.6 times the salinity of the oceans.

In one liter of water in the Dead sea has as much as 340 grams of salt. This extraordinary salt concentration prevents any kind of macroscopic aquatic life. It is home to only a few sergievojj bacteria and microbial fungi. Sea water is so dense that it is impossible to drown. Among tourists it is very popular to be photographed floating on the water surface and reading the newspaper.

The dead sea fed by the Jordan river, but the water is not going anywhere, because salt thousands of years accumulated in the sea basin. The water contains more than 35 different types of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromine, sulfur and iodine. This strange chemical composition leads to the formation of bizarre sculptures out of salt crystals. As a rule, they are located in shallow lagoons, where eyes open natural works of art: billions of charged atoms in intricate geometrical formations shaped by nature into unique works of art.

The most impressive of these natural sculptures are the salt mushrooms in shallow pools at the shoreline. Each of these sculptures has unique traits, not similar with other groups. These mushrooms usually begin to form on cool mornings, after periods of intense evaporation when the shallow lagoons cover the water surface with a thin layer. Even a gentle breeze can break this thin layer, and then parts of it are deposited on the coastal shingle. Gradually, the base of the crystal begins to grow in height. Since the speed and direction of the wind is different every time, and the shape and sculpture work original and unique.

Because the ions and isotopes in the water of the Dead sea kristallizuetsya differently, there is a variety of many other natural formations. Solid light brown education can be seen even on the keels of boats, not to mention the numerous rocks.

In the last few decades the Dead sea dries quickly, as more and more water from local rivers is used for agriculture and industry, which threatens an environmental catastrophe such as the death of the Aral sea. That is why in 2009 the project was based on the conservation of the sea. Its essence lies in the supply of water from the red sea and its associated desalination. This will provide Jordan with drinking water, the Dead sea will receive the necessary quantity of sea water. It is expected that the project will be completed by 2017.


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