Moraine - the most beautiful lake

In this article we will talk about a beautiful lake, which is called Moraine, it is in Canada in the national park "Banff". The peculiarity of this lake is that it propels glaciers. Maximum filling this natural jewel reaches strictly in June, and when this happens the lake becomes unusually blue color is due to the fact that the light is refracted at the bizarre rocky bottom of the lake. Moraine is located in the so-called "valley of the ten peaks", which is at an altitude of 1885 meters.

Opened this earth gem Walter Wilcox, he later wrote: "The no painting, no landscape did not make such an impression on me severe grandeur and intimacy inspiring." When in 1899, Wilcox found the lake, he immediately called it "Moraine", says that he was so impressed by what he saw, that said that this body of water is the most beautiful of those that ever he had seen. Moreover, Wilcox those 30 minutes, during which he opened in front of him looked at scenery, called the happiest and most wonderful moment in my life.

Lake Moraine guard towering mountain peaks Venkchemna who are dressed in beautiful hats of snow, they surround the entire eastern part of the lake, rising up to 915 m. The picture is really amazing. It is worth noting that for some time the landscape adorned on the Canadian banknote $ 20.

As for the appearance of the lake, despite its name it is not a merit of the great glacier "Morena", in fact, this beauty was formed as a result of the shift of the rock.

By the way, peacock blue of the lake - small particles merit glacial till entering the lake in the summer. And it happens during the melting of glaciers, which are located high up in the mountains. These particles are able to absorb all colors except blue, the latter actually reflected in the waters of Moraine. This beautiful lake has a second name, which sounds like "Treasure of the RockiesĀ».

The place where is located the lake, as noted above, is a National Park "Banff". The latter was created back in 1885, it is the first National parks of Canada. On the territory of the park you can find a variety of animals such as grizzly bear, black bear "Baribal" Canadian sheep, moose elk, mountain sheep, moose and many others.

I must say that even Moraine Lake is the starting point for many hiking trails that winds through the mountains. For example, one of these paths rises 700 meters high above the surface of the lake, it is noteworthy that this is one of the highest points of the tourist route in the territory of the Canadian Rockies.

Near Moraine Lake, about 15 km there is another famous lake, which is called "Louis," but it is visited several times less, and the cause is "Moraine", which at times attractive and mysterious.

It is worth noting that on the shores of Lake Moraine has an excellent hotel, which is an amazing design, skillfully decorated with huge windows. The latter in turn serve as a place to observe the enchanting views of the lake. Tourists are always able to offer canoeing, hiking in the mountains and, of course, admiring the beauty of the local nature.

Moraine may not be the most beautiful lake in the world, but that it can lay claim to the title - a fact!


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