Fabulous beach

Now we go to America, in the town of Fort Bragg (Fort Bragg), in the state of California, where the amazing beauty of the beach, studded with millions of colored marbles. This stunningly beautiful place called Glass Beach «Glass Beach».

I must say that this beauty, as nonstrange, turned due boorish man's relationship to nature, as well as the persistent effort of the ocean. The fact is that, since the 40s of the 20th century from all over Fort Bragg, garbage dumped on the place where now there is a glass beach. Brought garbage from time to time burned, and it is a mockery of these places lasted more than 20 years. Only in 1967, the authorities of the town council and the North Coast to monitor the state of the water, decided to close this dump. All large debris from the area has been completely evacuated, but in all that time have accumulated tons of broken glass, and what to do with it, no one knew. As long as people think to solve the problem of transporting glass, nature decided to fix it by yourself ...

Less than 6 months of the ocean from the former landfill with tons of glass made clean, beautiful and truly unique beach. In just six months, the ocean turned sharp glass into smooth pebbles, he seemed jeweler grind human ugliness and made this place the most beautiful and unusual.

This coast was reflected all the colors of the rainbow, the picture is formed simply amazing! Look at this color action millions of visitors from around the world. The locals at one time used the polished glass souvenir - make beautiful necklaces and baubles. But today collect polished glass pebbles prohibited. This decree is not subject to the crabs and clams that use glass as a building material for their homes, as well as indecent tourists.

Glass Beach - perhaps the only place that is due to human irresponsibility and natural good nature was the most beautiful place on Earth.


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