Shop Coca-Cola in Las Vegas

On the main street of Las Vegas in addition to hotels and casinos can be found a lot of interesting places. And almost everywhere you can buy countless souvenirs.
To understand what can be of a "souvenir paradise", I suggest to you today to look into the company store Coca-Cola on the South Strip. It seems to be - whether it is possible from a single brand to inflate a gift shop and gifts? Let's see. Shop Coca-Cola Store noticeable from afar. A huge bottle of recognizable shape makes it clear where you were:

Next to the Coca-Cola Store adjacent fraternal store M & M's World:

It is strange that rival Pepsi at this point is satisfied only modest sign directly across the street:

In a huge bottle in front of the shop goes lift:

But let's go inside. Shop big, two floors:

Of course, first of all you will be offered a souvenir clothing. What is there just no! T-shirts, hats, caps, socks, swimwear, bags, sweatshirts and jackets and so much more:

For the fans - a huge selection of all kinds of cups, plates and other utensils with symbols of Coca-Cola:

Thousands of magnets, pens and trinkets:

There is even a souvenir machine!

For true connoisseurs - branded literature:

And, of course, here you will always find the most legendary drink. Only in this shop you can buy it in such original bottles:

On the second floor of the store is a coffee shop. Here you can try any drink that Coca-Cola sells around the world. Some brands have appeared to me entirely unfamiliar:

You can taste not hesitate!

Shop Coca-Cola - a great example of how the United States are able to make even such trifles as the sale of souvenirs. Crowds of people here always.



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