10 interesting facts about the Coca-Cola

We continue to surprise you with unusual facts about everything. Today, 10 facts about the famous drink "Coca-Cola.

1. 1500 bottles would get everyone on the planet, if you collect all produced in nearly 130 years of Coca-Cola.

2. If you add up the chain of bottles of Coca-Cola produced in its history, it would have wrapped the near-earth orbit of the Earth 4334 times. And to the moon and back, the chain stretches to 1045 times.

3. If all produced Coca-Cola poured into the pool, you would need a reservoir depth of 180 centimeters, a length of 33 kilometers, a width of 15 kilometers. Take a dip in a swimming pool could be 512 million people.

4. The 8000 Coca-Cola cups consumed every second.


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