Are children of Coca-Cola is harmful? A doctor Komarovsky will surprise you!

Coca-Cola all, like, do not like. "How to" - because it still drink. Not themselves, so familiar, the children, the children know, and even teenagers do without it life is not available myslyat.V wording Website was a letter - a letter reader indifferent to the question of Coke, she asked the doctor highest category, a specialist pediatrician Eugene O. Komarovsky. We publish this letter as well as the response of the doctor, which puts everything in its place.

«Doctor! Very interested in your opinion. I live in Europe, and I am struck by the fact that here all believe that Coca-Cola is not harmful, drink it all and always, and even argue that it helps when your stomach hurts. What do you think about this »

responsible EO Komorowski:

Judging by their longevity and their infant mortality - Coke is not very much affects them ... Immediately, I note that write about Coke is no particular desire not - first of all, because any mention of the brand immediately cause the flow letters. If you say that it's good - it means you bought a Coke if you say bad - then sold or Pepsi-cola, lemonade or even

However, I'm quite well, nothing wrong with Coca. cola can not see. Except for one thing:. A huge amount of sugar The child receives the concentrated energy in the form of digestible carbohydrates and this energy should be spent. It is clear that safe use of Coca-Cola (as well as any other sweet drink) requires two preconditions: firstly, the lack of weight loss and, secondly, the availability of opportunities for physical activity

. During the disease, the presence of dehydration, the development of atsetonemicheskogo state, in the absence of opportunities for good nutrition - the child does not hurt "concentrated energy in the form of digestible carbohydrates." Of course, the means of oral rehydration - more effective and safer. But if this useful powder the child refuses to drink, and Coca-Cola agree! So why not ...

And it turns out that for a child with a high level of acetone in a timely manner drunk a glass of Coca-Cola may well be a medicine that would avoid a hospital and droppers. Only it is necessary to strain to read about this most acetone and find out what's what. In general, it is not necessary to go too far. < Create opportunities for children to go in for sports, and let them drink Coke. A and parents on the need to limit children's "want" adult common sense.



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