10 unusual ways to use Coca-Cola (10 photos)

Coke can not only drink. Cola generally very useful in the home product. Try it yourself!

10. Remove rust

Coca-Cola is an excellent tool that removes rust. If you have household items, rust, then soak them overnight in Coca-Cola, and in the morning a good rubbing, you will marvel at their appearance. Properties Cola help break down the rusty particles, which facilitates cleaning. You can also use this drink to cleanse the tissues of rust, it is just a little cola pour on the stain and rub in a circular motion. 9. Wash the windows

Citric acid, in addition to removing rust, very effective for cleaning windows. It is especially useful when cleaning the car windows. After the procedure, be sure to wipe the glass with a damp cloth to remove any residual sugar. Coca-Cola in this case acts as a cheap alternative to many citrus cleaning products, whose price is much higher than the famous beverage cans.

8. Eat it

Cola often used as an ingredient in the preparation of various dishes. You can mix it in half with your favorite sauce and marinate the chicken in the resulting composition. Sugar contained in the stake will give the chicken a glossy coating and caramel flavor, and citric acid gives a good flavor.

7. Get rid of unpleasant odors

If your house or apartment "settled" bad smell of unknown origin, adding a bucket of detergent and washing your little cola this floor, you can easily get rid of the odor. Moreover, if you are soaked with an unpleasant odor, the oblivshis cola, and then wash it off the normal water, you can easily let go of him. An added bonus is the fact that the stake has a beneficial effect on the hair.

6. Anesthetize bite

The chemicals contained in the stake, can be very effective in neutralizing the pain of jellyfish stings. It is likely that most people are unlikely to wear to the beach, special analgesic lotions, but a bottle of cola can always be found. A small amount is necessary to pour it on the bite, and you immediately feel relief.

5. Clear the dishes

Sometimes, pans and other cookware bottom is covered with black film, which is almost impossible to remove. She appears as a result of burning food. To remove these black marks and restore the appearance of dishes, pour a can of Coke into it and put it on a plate, while making the minimum fire. After about an hour, remove the plate and wash in the usual way.

4. Wash clothing

Some stains are very difficult to remove from clothing and stain removers are not cheap. But cheaper solution is: mix a can of Coke with a conventional powder and start a normal wash cycle. With this method, you can effectively remove even blood stains and deodorize smelly clothes.

3. Get rid of the bugs in the garden

Pour cola into a shallow dish and place it in the garden or in the garden next to the "problem" area. Slugs, snails and other bugs if zapolzut there once, have not get out again. This greatly saves your waste pesticides. You can pour the Coke plants that like acidic soil, such as azaleas and gardenias.

2. Heal yourself

Coca-Cola, oddly enough, is useful for many disorders. The most common use of it - is the use of the drink to soothe indigestion. Just drink a glass of cola, it will help the nausea go away. She is also good at helping those who are suffering from diarrhea and sore throat.

1. "Make" explosion

Most people are familiar with the internet, certainly heard about the interaction of cola with Mentos. The idea is that one down mints Mentos into a bottle of Coca-Cola, as a result of the chemical reaction occurred, you will witness a relatively powerful explosion.


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