Soulful Writing from the people

It seems that this column will vechnoy.Rossiya - a country of talented people. In each house, yard or porch of our vast country there are certainly people who make the lives of others even if a little, but fun. They did not finish art academies, but this does not prevent them to create, write ads masterpiece, paint the walls, fight for justice and win back porches.

In this article Website to choose the best of what has been coined the most ordinary people in July. Enjoy!

Judging by the weather, we found the same bastard WALKING.

That's what I understand the motivation!

It remains to find a shovel.

Someone obviously a volume of Mayakovsky is under the pillow.


I would have lost by that name.

And the voice is also desirable.

The interior is preserved?

I am proud of these children and their parents.

A cat that grins.


Milota rolls over the ad.

I am glad that people can relate to such situations with humor.

She is not fat, just a hair wide.

The street on which the store is located, as it suggests.

Soooo, who is extreme?

And not my moped.

Tired of answering.

The little fish with fine mental organization.

Cats - the best anti-depressants in the entire universe.

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