The artist that paints the sea

¬ęThe sea - my life. I still lived a hundred years, em>
would always find something new in the sea. " em>

I. Aivazovsky em>

Many poets and artists have paid tribute to the sea, but only one Aivazovsky gave himself to the magical elements. The love for the sea and the brilliant talent helped the artist so accurately convey movement and breath of the sea to more than six thousand paintings.

July 29 - the birthday of the great Russian artist. To this date Website has collected the best pictures of the master.

The Ninth Wave 1850 g.

Brig "Mercury" Attacked by Two Turkish ships, 1892 g.

Sunset at Sea, 1886 g.

View of Constantinople and the Bosphorus 1856 g.

Bay of Naples, 1841 g.

Rough Sea at night, 1853 g.

Calm. Seascape with fishermen 1887 g.

Rainbow 1873 g.

Sea. Koktebel Bay 1853 g.

Storm on the sea at night, 1849 g.

Sunset 1866 g.

Landing at Subashi N.N.Raevskogo 1839 g.

On the Beach, 1878 g.

Ships in the storm of 1860 g.

Log in Sevastopol Bay, 1852 g.

Fishermen on the beach 1852 g.

Night. Blue Wave 1876 g.

Brig Mercury after defeating two Turkish courts
meets with the Russian squadron, 1848 g.

Stihl 1885 g.

Sinope battle November 18, 1853. The night after the battle, in 1853 g.

Storm 1872 g.

Ayu-Dag on a foggy day in 1853 g.

Ice mountains in Antarctica 1870 g.

The arrival of Peter I on the Neva, 1853 g.

Farewell 1869 g.

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