17 artists who have conquered us this year

Among the many contemporary artists who never ceases to amaze with their talent and imagination, we try to choose for you the real works of art.

Summing up the year, Website has collected the best painters, who have conquered in 2015.

Sunny summer painting "Mona the XXI century» h3>

Howard Behrens (Howard Behrens) - American painter who was deservedly called Monet XXI century. And he is almost unique in its kind, who creates masterpieces using an unusual technique of "palette knife" using a knife instead of a brush.

Holiday Village by Robert Duncan h3>

American artist Robert Duncan began to paint in 11 years. Spending a vacation at the ranch with grandparents in Wyoming, he was watching the simple rural way of life. It was there that Robert and fell in love with country life and wide open spaces.

A riot of colors Leonid Afremova h3>

The art style of Leonid Afremova impresses with its explosive colors and unusual technique. The color palette of his paintings in the artist produces an inveterate optimist, love with all my heart the world.

The paintings, from which it becomes warm and cozy in the heart h3>

Heat childhood memories - that's what you feel when you look at the work of contemporary Georgian artist Nino Chakvetadze. Illustrator herself says: "We all came from childhood, and this fact makes me again and again to paint what she survived that left a mark in my soul».

Watercolor Maya city Vronsky h3>

Traveller's notes can be different: photos, notes, tourist postcards. But the young Polish artist Maya Vronska (Maja Wronska) from their travels brings watercolor sketches. Each city, where she happened to visit, it draws a "portrait", watercolor depicting not only what can be seen with the eyes, but also feelings, emotions, impressions of what he saw and experienced.

The expressive romantic Alexei Chernigina h3>

In most paintings Alexei Chernigina oil on canvas imprinted beauty, romance, and moments of true feelings. His talent and thirst for art Alexei inherited from his father - a famous Russian artist Alexander Chernigina. Every year they organize a joint exhibition in his hometown of Nizhny Novgorod.

The artist, who deceived our eyes h3>

The style, which draws world-renowned Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves (Rob Gonsalves), some called surrealism, but the name of "magical realism" suits him much better. Pictures Gonsalves - it is always a magical union of worlds, subtle metamorphosis flow of objects from one incarnation to another. The artist seemed to hint to us - everything in the world is interconnected.

exciting picture of Laura Zombie h3>

Pictures of Laura Zombies - a touch naive, kind of peace with harsh reality. The impression of the work is enhanced by multiple streaks of paint and ink, indistinct contours and lines.

Captivating paintings by the Spanish artist h3>

Modern Spanish painter Vicente Romero (Vicente Romero) stunningly conveys the atmosphere of ease and the play of light on his canvases. When you look at them, it seems that is about to feel the breath of fresh air - both from the open window.

Breathable watercolor Sergei Krubatova h3>

Sergey Kurbatov - original watercolor painter. Its feature of this technique is that the paint is applied to paper, previously moistened with water. Already painted pattern continues to "live" until dry.

The pictures on which the past meets the future h3>

Artist Rozalski Jakub (Jakub Rozalski) on his canvases creates a fabulous atmosphere and exciting dream. It is a real journey into the world where the intertwined past, future and fantasy.

The bright colors of Richard McNeill h3>

The work of British artist Richard McNeill (Richard Macneil) - like a tour of the most beautiful cities in the world. They are hard to look away: rich colors give dynamism and immersed in the atmosphere of the bustling city life.

Watercolor with a touch of romance St. Petersburg h3>

Alexander Kharitonov (green light) - a young artist from Moscow, which creates a stunning atmospheric watercolors. Her characters are sincere, their genuine emotions, feelings, and all the warmth of relations instantly captivate viewers. Sasha loves St. Petersburg, so its figures are imbued with the romance of this wonderful city.

The cozy streets of Eugene Lushpina h3>

Eugene Lushpin is considered one of the best Russian artists of our time. For his work as the basis of Eugene takes the familiar cityscapes, giving them a certain irrationality. As a result, the viewer is immersed in a real, but at the same time the fantasy world that is about to be under the power of twilight.

Sensual Beauty eyes Daniel Richard h3>

The works of Canadian artist Richard Daniel (Danielle Richard) stored special light: they like blows on summer evenings, a cool breeze on the pier and the warmth of the sun. Therefore, each of her exhibitions found an audience with warmth and enthusiasm.

hyper-realistic watercolors by British artist h3>

Artist Joe Francis Dowden (Joe Francis Dowden) draws a hyper-realistic watercolors. And believes that it is the power of everyone. The secret skill of the artist is simple: it has long been thrown out books on watercolor and began to walk on this forest, noticing and watching every detail of the future landscape.

paintings that Van Gogh himself would envy h3>

Artist Scott Iris (Iris Scott) draws a perfectly delightful picture, but does not do it with a brush, as the comrades on the shop floor, and fingers. Landscapes, girls, like nymphs, the city in the rays of the evening sun, the dog in the water spray - all this is made up of tens of thousands of strokes, the artist's touch. So it is up and running, alternating short strokes with long, mixing paint on his hands, and then directly on the canvas.

Preview: © Iris Scott

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