10 popular films in which there is complete nonsense from the point of view of mathematics.

10 popular films in which there is complete nonsense from the point of view of mathematics.

We love mathematics, as well as fictional worlds. But we do not always like what happens if you put them together - take a look at a fictional universe from the point of view of mathematics, and they scattered like a house of cards.

Will be 10 photos + text.

1. Harry Potter: wizards too little.

"Harry Potter" - one of the most successful cycles in the history of modern cinema and literature. Initially the series was conceived as an interesting tale for children, but now she has fans of all ages from around the world. And this kind of problem, because the adult fans have calculators that can help you prove that the wizarding world is not viable. Namely, in the universe of "Harry Potter" is not enough children to maintain a fictional Joan K. Rowling's world.
Rowling has always said that Hogwarts has about a thousand students. However, having carefully studied all the books and movies, a man named David Haber understood that this number is much too high. It is estimated that each of the four Hogwarts staff consists of approximately 70 students, that is, the total number of students of the school of magic - about 280 pax.
If we take this into account, it turns out that every year the school produces about 40 adult wizards. The books, of course, these and other such institutions, but according to all of the same Rowling Hogwarts - the only school for wizards in the whole of Great Britain.
Let's compare: in the UK live about 9, 5 million school-age children, it means that the number of young wizards will be only 0, 00002%. And even if you try to prove that some of the potential of the great wizards are taught at home, these figures still do not promise anything good wizards - too few of them.

2. Batman.

Bruce Wayne is spending millions of dollars to fight crime, but such spending long remain Batman he could not
Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. However, he spent decades and millions of dollars fighting the criminals and his own loneliness. And then before anyone realized it, to put it mildly, not the most effective tactic, and more costly to the same.
Someone must have been the author of the idea, I figured how much is to be Batman with all its consequences, and realized that superhero must possess a fortune of approximately $ 682 million. It can be argued that this amount includes the cost of his education and the mansion, but every time Batman leaves his cave, he spends a lot of money. For example, it betarangi cost about $ 300 apiece, and how many of them had to give up Batman? Thousands.
Thus, each ejected betarangi - throwing it down the drain weekly wage of one of the criminals, which sends Batman into a coma. By the way, every such offender then you have to pay for medical bills, unless, of course, in Gotham is no free health care. Serve clearly unhealthy after a fight with Batman prisoners - it's expensive, and it is unlikely Gotham can afford it.
The paradox is this: according to rough estimates, even Batman in this hectic lifestyle can in anything does not deny three years. Perhaps Gotham would be better if Batman has spent the same $ 300 in betarangi, and food and medicine for the clowns criminals.

Starship Troopers 3: beetles clearly smarter than humans.

In the universe of the film "Starship Troopers" is a huge hole. About halfway through the movie beetles did point shots plasma asteroids - they were going to adjust their orbit so that the asteroid crashed into the Earth.
Surely you know that in our solar system, the distance between the planets is measured in millions of kilometers away, and to get to the edge of the system, we would need decades - and that if you fly struggling. This means that the bugs are not only able to run the planet in the asteroid from a great distance, but also to predict where it will get "heavenly shell" after hundreds of years.
Of course, we know that bugs are reasonable. But if they know how to destroy all the settlements in the world and in particular in the galaxy at all, why not come to the people in open battle? Our guys are up in arms against them, thousands are dying - but for the great war should be responsible clearly beetles.

4. The Simpsons: Homer and Marge ridiculously rich.

The animated series "The Simpsons" has been around for several decades, and all this time we see on the screens of the average American family. But it is surprising that they seem to be earning a lot more than many of those who are reading this article.
We're not kidding: despite his many career ups and downs, Homer Simpson almost always had a stable job as a technician at the nuclear safety Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
If you do not know, explain: such work usually pay about $ 67,000 a year, and it is almost $ 20,000 more than the average income of the average American family. In other words, Homer earns $ 35 per hour.
And now look at the Simpsons house - palace with four bedrooms, double garage, living room, games room, study, dining room, attic and basement. Only one house Simpsons worth $ 289,000, and the house, as you know - their personal property. More family has two cars, tons of power tools, a sauna, piano, and we should not forget that Homer receives cash payments as a famous singer.
And how many average families of all this is?

5. Pacific Rim: rangers are not so easy to bring to the battlefield.

"Pacific Rim" - a film about how the giant fighting robots beating the face giant monsters, and sometimes they shoot missiles. Of course, this film does not have to take seriously, but, hell, it is necessary also to consider a little the laws of physics!
Giant robots let's leave alone - firstly, a sci-fi film, and secondly, it is theoretically possible to build such, but to lift into the air - is unlikely. In the film, a typical huntsman (called robots) are transported from place to place with the help of two helicopters, apparently, this model helicopters «Boeing CH-47 Chinooks».
If you figure out how much weight the standard ranger, we can assume that it will take 640 of these helicopters to simply tear off the huntsman from the ground. Given that the rangers are needed to intercept Kaizen (monsters) before they get to the city and begin to destroy everything, there are several problems.
We do not even say that people just could not get 640 helicopters for transporting a ranger - of our helicopters, the real world, all over the planet about 1200 typed. But it turns out that the forces of the world can pull their socks up, carry a combat robot at a time.
According to the movie as Kaizen attacked people everywhere - from Japan to the US, therefore, highly unlikely that the huntsman, even if they may have been built, would have time to run between continents to save the city and the people.

6. Star Wars: The Force holder no lightsaber is not needed.

Do you like "Star Wars" or not, you probably know what the Power of the Jedi, and how it is amazing. However, George Lucas made a serious mistake, allowing Galen Marek exist.
In case you are not familiar with the expanded universe of "Star Wars," explains Galen Marek - the protagonist of the video game "Star Wars: The Power Unleashed". According to the canons of the world His power is so great that the rest of the Jedi into his soles are not suitable.
Of course, this is done in order to make the game more interesting, but this also applies to the franchise as a whole. For example, Galen is able to knock out of orbit, "Star Destroyer" - a ship weighing about 6, 4 million tons. And now a bit of mathematics: as we all know, the Force = Mass * Acceleration. The fact that Marek is able to move at least the ship, meaning that it could use the Force to make at least 6 billion Newtons Force.
And it makes me think that if someone has such power and is able to manage it with the help of his mind, why he fights with his lightsaber?
For example, Marek 1,000 times stronger than the average of the Jedi, but it still means that the Jedi could theoretically make 5, 8 million Newtons Force. The man got into a car accident without a seat belt, whose car is moving at a speed of 50 km / h, are affected slightly more than 100 000 newtons. A Jedi can have the same effect, even straining.
Even if we consider that the other Jedi no less powerful and can resist such a force, the math still going crazy.
100 000 newtons - this is a very rough estimate. Based on our formula Strength = Mass * Acceleration, we can say with certainty that the Acceleration = Force / Mass. This means that puny Jedi, able to make 100,000 newtons of force could accelerate an object weighing up to a pound a speed of 200, 000 meters per second.
If you can do this, the enemy is no longer a problem: every battle in the "Star Wars" would end with a second three - Jedi enough to throw a stone at someone's face, and that's that. Only it's not spectacular - agree lightsabers much more effective.

7. Matrix Agents should be able to shirk.

In the first film of the trilogy "The Matrix" is a scene in which the Trinity is very menacing fires point-blank in the face of the Agent immediately after a fight on the roof with a bunch of SWAT officers. It's pretty brutal scene: because of her Trinity can be called one of the coolest and determined female characters in the history of modern cinema.
However, the agent had to dodge a shot. Calculate the distance between the Agent and Neo (Neo) at the moment when it releases a cloud of bullets from which the agent evades easily, it can be assumed that the time during which the agent reacts to a shot at close range - less than 0, 04 seconds. The point is that in the time it takes Trinity to say: "Try to avoid it!" The agent is quite able to kill her, she did not have time to finish.
In this phrase from Trinity go a full two seconds. But literally 20 seconds ago, this same agent was able to dodge bullets flying at a speed of 380 meters per second. What prevented him from killing Trinity, as she spoke? Again, entertainment - if he killed Trinity, the next film could not shoot.

8. Forrest Gump: his wealth can not be used.

If you've never seen the movie "Forrest Gump", here briefly what it is: a hero Tom Hanks goes on his way in life and thanks to simple luck, eventually becoming a billionaire, shrimp Baron, professional regbistom, a war hero and Olympic champion ping-pong. But it's all for us now is not important - we will only talk about his money.
Due to his success in the shrimp business, Gump got the state about $ 5, 6 billion, and the money he had, apparently, will not spend too much. We do not say that he was obliged to donate them to charity, but simply to spend on something for themselves would either. However, the Forest simply saving money.
In the film, everything that he bought - a little old farm where he used to live, but that he destroyed with a bulldozer. Do not be to turn it into a real farm? Perhaps commemorate Jenny, giving the local community a bunch of jobs? But no - Gump did not do anything at all.

9. Friends: one of the heroes of the series - the ageless god.

Perhaps we exaggerate, but the time in the universe of "Friends" or stand still, or at least periodically stops. In particular, it is absolutely unclear how old Ross - for three consecutive seasons his 29 years, and this is said in the series is absolutely clear. Explain the reason for this may not even official website. By the way, Ross noted even twice the same birthday.
Ross sometimes love, sometimes does not like Rachel, who is pregnant with Chandler and Monica's wedding. The wedding took place, it seems, in May of 2001, but Rachel goes on maternity leave in August of 2002. Thus, poor Rachel wore a child of 15 months.
Of course, all of this can be attributed to laziness and carelessness of writers. So it is a pity that the show still is not about supermen.

10. Jurassic Park: recreate the dinosaurs in their DNA is impossible.

Despite the fact that the whole world wants to resurrect dinosaurs, the performance of this dream impossible due to the fact that the DNA, the building blocks of life, have built-in shelf life.
According to research conducted on the bones of the moa (extinct giant birds), the DNA can be used throughout the 521-year - at least, is the opinion of scholars. This means that any creature, who died earlier XV-th century BC. e., even a perfectly preserved, it will not be in the body of useful DNA - use it for cloning, we can not.
This means that, most likely, live dinosaurs we never see. Thus, all that is shown in the "Jurassic Park" - pure fiction. But that she is good, right?




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