Old age

As I have repeatedly patched robe
From bright colored fiber
In a crowded hospital ward
It should be an old woman, crying at the window.

20 photo.

Her nobody uteshaet-
Everyone knows about the reason for these tears.
Neighbors in the ward visit,
And her only once, my son brought a bathrobe.

About slippers forgotten, he said shyly:
- Tomorrow I'll bring ... Be patient, mother?
- Of course, I suffer. Well I'm on perinki
And in woolen socks can lie.

Where should I go there? Plenty of room a little.
Meals nurses bring.
I was so exhausted disease,
What I used a lie, so relax.

Son sighed, turned his eyes to the side:
-There ... I mean ... It's there for you ...
This is all very confusing and subtly ...
But you do not think badly of me!

The apartment is empty you,
And my wife and I thought that,
What do something here and there ... one ... Sick ...
Corrected - you take to yourself!

And grandchildren will be happy, you know!
They are the soul is not fer in you, Mother!
All! Solved! You have to move to us!
Your apartment will sell!

He took the paper, uttered no doubt:
-I Thought of everything, trust me, Mom ...
As soon as we see an improvement,
Hence, once you go live with us.

What do you say then? He is the son of her native blood ...
A vnuki- for them and worth living!
And sign, without knowing,
Like all really situation.

As days pass and the weeks ...
Sonny is not. And it is unlikely he will come.
Old woman amused and sorry ...
But who and what is there not to understand?

And every day the old woman still weaker
And at night more often a dream,
As gruel in the morning my little boy warms,
But the cries and does not want to eat it.

And the first steps, baby son,
And the word that he said for the first time,
And the first scratches and bumps,
And kindergarten and school-first class ...

Doctors silent, that there are forces trying to
Somehow alleviate her suffering.
A family is strictly prohibited
Old woman about to announce the diagnosis.

She does not know that the hospital ethane
Not an easy city hospital,
What are the chances of the amendment are not present more ...
But, for her ignorance of, not a nightmare.

A plaque on the wall at the entrance
She was about anything bad does not say.
In the strange words for a long time already fashion
And whether you want to blame someone for what?

She does not know that my son properly
Call the doctor, once or twice a week:
- Well you govorili- dies ... Strange ...
What until now she is still alive ...

She is alive. She still waits and believes,
What son would come, hug, she explains,
Now the House will open the door,
She understands everything, and it's simple.

With the last bit of strength she gets up from the bed.
Holding on to the wall, suitable to the window.
How she still enough patience
So believe indifferent son?

She is ready to try until the end.
And the forces that no, she needs to find.
Suddenly he comes? She must wait!
... Well, how come he can not come?

It is worth crying ... Waiting for the son of the lead ...
Just look to the sky by chance
And pulls hand pectoral krestik-
Like, wait, Lord, do not take ...

Take care of your parents!



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