array(1) { ["topic"]=> array(13) { ["title"]=> string(69) "Harvest time: old age need not be afraid, it is necessary to prepare!" ["tags"]=> array(6) { [0]=> string(14) "Darya Kochkina" [1]=> string(7) "old age" [2]=> string(4) "life" [3]=> string(8) "maturity" [4]=> string(5) "death" [5]=> string(6) "wisdom" } ["text"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(11244) "It was not always so. Once, long ago God created the world did not know of such changes. Beautiful, not faded, sources are always complete, not bent, slender, and healthy not sick. But in the beginning of the story was a disaster, everything turned upside down, and man lost God. We were forced to recognize the processes of aging and dying is natural, we came up with a new truth and called them "eternal": everything flows, everything passes.

I'm 22, and I want to talk about old age. I'm not talking about the elderly or the elderly. Because even the most loved ones of these is "they". It is important to understand that this conversation is not about "them," it's a conversation about "us". "They" is what awaits each of us. And this is the best. Old age need not be afraid. It is necessary to prepare.


To understand means to feel the other as yourself, to hear this unique voice and to find its echo. In order to understand something, just look at yourself and catch yourself in some signs, the beginning of the phenomenon.

To understand old age, you can put a simple experiment: try to walk down the street with the same speed as the grandmother on the opposite side. And so go at least a couple of minutes and then go to your step. The main thing is that at this point will happen within you. What? We will hear words about loneliness. When the forces were when I could work, it all was needed, and now we have to wait for someone to ask for help. Was an interesting job, position in society, were little children, but children grow up, the experience went, was approaching his later years. Strength is gone, people too. Boredom. All life is held in respect all around seething-seething, every day brought something new — simple and complex, but something, something had to struggle that can be overcome. Everything seems to be in the past, whole life behind. And joy, and sorrow. Now — disease. Think, and go nowhere else — to the hospital and back.

Now I look in the mirror and not smile yourself, not to see a fresh face with shiny eyes. Nerves, pain pills, crutches. Scary to depend on others, do not want to lose freedom. And why even start if everything takes place so rapidly? If the purpose of the beginning was the end? If the most important thing was so instantly? So painful it was difficult to live, then to grow old and die.


We live in a confusing time when the book the idea of FILIAL piety remains of the book. We remember that in the traditional culture recognized the absolute power of the elderly.

The Supreme Council of Sparta consisted of the thirty surveyed (literally — "old", the youngest of whom was 60 years).

In the Law of Moses it is written: "in the face of a gray get up and almost the face of the old man" (Lev. For 19.32).

Seventy elders, as the most worthy, and helped Moses in the desert during the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. And in General words for people standing high up on the social ladder: "Senate", the Christian "presbyter", the Muslim "Sheik" and "mufti" — all go back to one root, the word "aging, old age".

Today, we still wish each other longevity, sing songs about "My years — my wealth" and believe that death at a young age is abnormal. Thus all embraces and, in fact, it replaces the cult of youth, healthy and beautiful body an active lifestyle. Don't stop moving, to hurry, to catch, to buy!And it seems that old age is no place in this race for success. Because she's creepy — with their illness and weakness.

But you can break the rotten network of modern marketing, to spit on everything that slips to us in the glossy advertising! And look at human life differently — as it was traditional for human history and for the Christian period, in particular. Life is not divided into three parts — childhood (not-quite-life), maturity (life) and old age (already-not-life).

Resort to simple arithmetic. If human life — be humble — lasts for 60 years, the first twenty and the last drop of the remaining choose the most successful and subtract a third for sleep: it turns out that a person's life lasts from the force ten years.

This is wrong, unfair and unmerciful. Life consists of equal shares, let's call them so: spring (time of growing), summer (time of achievements) and the fall (spiritual fruit).In one of the Eastern languages have a special name old age — "harvest time". But in order that the crop has been harvested, it needs to be once sown and cultivated. Therefore it is extremely important to make a special effort to its development from an early age. As they say, a happy retirement is not a myth, and the fruit of wise living.

You never noticed that often between grandmothers, grandfathers and grandchildren can be light and happy touch, and between parents and children it may not be? Means that some of the grandchildren in their grandparents, in addition to Goodies and gifts.

In old age goes all superficial, superfluous or misleading. Dry grass is mowed, leaves removed, in baskets, lie ripe fruits. Many people in older years become very simple to acquire a spontaneity similar to that of the children. They can bypass some generally accepted standards — what we call tact, good manners, and to see the world joyful, nemuna look.

Did you ever notice that some elderly have a very special sense of humor, fantastically liberated, free? They with quiet courage and the courage to laugh at themselves, the world. This opinion, when a person rises above their difficulties and problems. Old age is the time mysterious as childhood. About the children so much written, fictional; but really, we can't know what is happening in the child during the period of growing up— don't remember, and not directly to know. And so with the elderly — no psychological tests, research interviews the mystery before the end will not open. Sometimes the elderly are quietly talking about something. A. F. Losev, in a recent interview said: "I fight silently."I think he was talking about prayer.


Later years is a precious time when you can finally not only be yourself but to be with himself: you can look at your life, figure out what you really want, something to give, something to forgive, to do something.

This is an age line, when people living in friendship with God and people, reach special enlightenment. About the saints we can say that old age was basically the pinnacle of their life! It is a bright old age.

Old age is another, crazy. What is this martyrdom?

Old age weak. Suffering, the Church teaches purifies a man, heals his soul. We don't know the ways of the Lord and are unable to comprehend them, and not have to do this. Believe that in this world no things unexplained, and everything in it is interconnected. The rest is silence.

There is another old age — active. When people do not pay attention to his age, continues to learn new information space, shares his valuable professional experience or simply every day leaves arm in arm with a friend for a walk in the Park, and then runs a movie.

And does it just like that — because God has given me power, because it is not talking survival needs or medical requirements, just rages and does not dry out the zest for life, the desire of communication.

Sometimes otherwise. He specifically stops his feverish activity. Composer at the height of recognition and creative recovery, and abruptly stops to compose music. Such was the case with Rossini, who, being at the height of his fame, suddenly stopped writing. He lived a very long time without any pangs of conscience about the buried talent. And it's not unique (remember our Gogol). One of the great specially suppress your talent. Someone suddenly inspiration dried himself.In any case, wise took a similar weakness with gratitude, as a great gift, which brings a person to a higher stage of existence. Where there are no fakes, games and hypocrisy. When you can tell the world: "Leave me, go nuts without me. I passed your test, there's — I can already see the exit." People are exhausted, dead to worldly Affairs. But it needs to Mature another force, vigor for other cases.


We used to consider shameful, indecent straight talk about death with the patients — "Cruel!", with the old — "Tactless!", young — "what do you mean!".

Originally, this look at the end of the earthly journey of the "red seventy years," and for Christianity he is absolutely wild and unacceptable.

Old age is not the last battle for the glimpses of youth. This is a noble time, when man stops in his tracks, listens to him and looks to the East, where there is his House. And in this House he was already waiting. In childhood we distinguish on the face of the child some lines moms, some grandparents; we see a glimpse of how he grows up. In adulthood we read on the face of the first wrinkles, the body is somehow changed, the head appears first gray hair is the sign of aging.

In old age in man we can sense — by sight, from the depths of the soul — lights of Eternity.

In the middle of our century the Patriarch of Constantinople Athenagoras I once admitted to journalists:

"I wanted to die after the disease long enough to have time to prepare for death, and long enough to become a burden to their loved ones. I would like to be in the room at the window and see: here Death appeared on a nearby hill. Here she comes in the door. Here she climbs the stairs. That already knocks at the door... And I tell her to come over. But wait. Be my guest. Let's gather in front of the road. Sit down. Well, I'm ready. Go!"... Death is not the dead end but a door. Not the end but is a beginning.

"Die" means to enter eternal life, where the living soul will meet with the Living God. Death for a Christian is hard, but the happy event. Christ conquered death, it is not terrible. Because now death is birth. What a joy when God gives you time to prepare to meet Him.When we have something to take with them — faith in the Lord and good works as evidence of it. And to partake of Heavenly Bread will need before you go. And then say, "Well, I'm ready. Let's go!"published


Author: Darya Kochkina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! © econet

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