"Beautiful youth was given to many old favourites," the Phyllis Schlossberg.

For many old age is a death sentence, and the sentence is frightening not so much because of the loss of physical strength and external changes, but because of panic and unpreparedness to meet a very old age. Modern medicine can easily sculpt of the 70-year-old Barbie doll, but this only proves that people of the XXI century strongly inhibits the natural process.

We used to consider old age a person's one-sided, but in this season also has its charms. Surprise and delight the people that their example proves that the main thing — not to grow old soul and eagerly to taste the life. This letter was written by Vladimir Pozner American Phyllis Schlossberg.

Relation to starozhitnosti joy"Not long ago, a young girl approached me with a question: "what's it like to be old?" I thought in confusion and did not know what to answer her, because I didn't think of this sooner and the old did not consider themselves.

My confusion was confused and the girl, but I thanked her, saying that is an interesting question. And as soon as I find an answer, then immediately tell her. But, to me, suddenly came to the realization that old age is a gift.

Today, I'm the person I always wanted to be. No, don't think that all my life I only wanted to wrinkles, skin spots and saggy ass. Often, looking in the mirror, I wondered about the reflection in it.

But these feelings disappear very quickly. Because I never and for any price would not agree to give his wonderful family and his close friends in exchange for dark hair and a flat stomach! I noticed that over time I became kinder and more forgiving to people.

I became a friend. I don't eat yourself eating the extra cookies, purchased for a garden figure, which in General I don't need, but which adorns my garden. I have over the years seen many friends and acquaintances who left this world without receiving the gift of old age. And who cares if I read until four in the morning and sleep until noon?

Old age is freedom. You can dance with myself under the amazing album lost youth, you can cry over losing a love that was once. You can go to the beach, not hesitate to his body, and if you wish to rush right into the waves of the ocean, despite full of pity looks young creatures dressed (undressed?) in a bikini. But they will be too. Inevitably.

Sometimes I'm overtaken by “Pamyat”, but I'm fully aware that not all things need to remember. Only the important. Over the years, my heart is repeatedly broken. And how can not break your heart when you lost a loved one, when a child suffers, or when a beloved dog hit by a car?

But this is our strength. May not be pretty eyes, which didn't cry even once. Can't be living and loving a sterile heart.

Fate has blessed me by allowing me to live to gray hair, to the time when my young laughter is imprinted deep furrows on my face. Because many, many people died early, young or not yet old but no longer young. I can now speak candidly and truthfully: “Yes, Yes, no, no.”

The older you get, and even older, the less you care what other people think. The less you doubt and the less (after all these steps), you're wrong! So, dear young girl. I'll tell you what: I like to be old.

Old age has set me free. I like the person I've become. I'm not going to live forever, but while I'm here, I'm not going to waste time worrying about what could happen, but it did not happen, I'm not going to worry about what might still happen. And I have a sweet tooth on third every day!"

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