On holiday, on a date and for a walk... You will be a standard of femininity, knowing this trick.

Femininity is something that will never go out of fashion and will always be relevant. Summer is coming and this is the best period to enjoy to the fullest bright, light and beautiful clothes. A stylish and interesting dresses like never are appropriate for charming ladies.

Edition «Site», inspired feminine models of dresses of the last century prepared for you the 20 most beautiful dresses in the style of the 50s.

It is considered that the fashion of the 1950s was the most graceful and fascinating in the history of the twentieth century. She emphasized women's curves and hide flaws. The standard of beauty of the 1950s — slim waist, ample bosom, Royal posture and sloping shoulders.

Woman in fashion clothing of those times resembled a flower with a full skirt, high heels and nylon stockings with a seam.

Dresses in retro style
  1. This short formal dress will look great at a cocktail party and a romantic meeting by candlelight.
    Eighty eight million one hundred seven thousand one hundred seventy five

  2. If you are a lover of green — certainly pay attention to this option evening dresses.
    Sixteen million seven hundred eleven thousand two hundred forty six

  3. Delicate pink, charming decor in the form of a flower and the pattern. Here it is — the key to success in any romantic outing.
    Thirty four million seven hundred twenty two thousand nine hundred ninety seven

  4. Charming, isn't it?
    Nine million one hundred seventy thousand seven hundred twenty seven

  5. Cool!
    Twenty eight million three hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred fifty five

  6. Main the trend of the fashion of the 50s was the New Look style, which offered Christian Dior in 1947. The designer reminded the woman that she is a woman, suggesting her to try a long skirt flared blouse in airy expensive fabric and stylish feminine dresses. In Vogue jewelry, hats and gloves, stilettos. Not everyone accepted this idea with enthusiasm, but Dior has received international recognition and love of fashionistas to this day!
    Eighty two million six hundred thirty six thousand eighty six

  7. I just admire looking at the stylish decoration of the dress.
    Twenty nine million four hundred thirty eight thousand eight hundred forty one

  8. Lace is the undisputed leader finishing summer clothes for this warm season.
    Twenty five million eight hundred forty thousand seventy seven

  9. And this dress is a perfect example of a fashionable heritage from the amazing Coco Chanel.
    Eighty million seven hundred forty eight thousand one hundred sixteen

  10. In this dress you'll be the center of attention at any trendy party.
    Twelve million eight hundred sixty four thousand eight hundred sixty seven

  11. Here it is femininity in its Supreme form!
    Forty eight million six hundred fifty four thousand five hundred thirty six

  12. Simply magnificent!
    Sixty six million three hundred twenty eight thousand three hundred fifty two

  13. Looking at that dress, and immediately wanted down the aisle.
    Forty two million three hundred sixty two thousand two hundred seventy three

  14. Best dress in the style of the 50s years look with shoes on a high heel, low heel spoils the charm of vintage outfit.
    Twenty four million one hundred four thousand nine hundred eighty three

  15. And this is a Prime example of modern fashion from the past.
    Thirty two million four hundred ninety four thousand six hundred thirty one

  16. And again, wedding themes!
    Ninety two million six hundred thirty four thousand four hundred thirty two

  17. Especially the cut of the dresses from the 50's — no geometry. This feminine dress should enhance the figure, emphasizing the waist and hips. However, the designers of that time paid attention to female and Flirty open shoulders and bust, and the beauty of the hands.
    Thirty five million two hundred ninety one thousand eight

  18. Incredibly stylish and feminine. Really want me one of these!
    Eleven million seven hundred seventeen thousand four hundred thirty six

  19. New look dresses, is represented with Dior, further contributed to the romantic and incredibly feminine ideal, as it saw the famous French couturier. To fit the ideal of feminine beauty, a-line silhouette based on a rigid frame. At that time in Vogue again includes corsets, crinolines and bodices attached.
    Eighty one million six hundred three thousand three hundred twenty one

  20. Fashion is cyclical, and everything is new — is well forgotten old!
    Eighteen million four hundred twenty four thousand five hundred fifty two

Nowadays designers often like to seek for inspiration in the fashion of the era. Dress in the style of 50-ies of the last century are found on the catwalks of such fashion houses like J. Crew, Giles, Alice + Olivia, Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood, Oscar de la Renta, Red Valentino, Aleander McQueen, Erdem, McQ, Lela Rose, Luisa Beccaria. And, of course, every year, has become legendary the way back and the founder of this style is unsurpassed Christian Dior.

Hope you are liking this lovely collection and you've highlighted a lot of bright features for your feminine, warm-weather look. Be stylish, prosperous, joyful and remember that you are the most beautiful woman regardless of what you wearing.

And do not forget to share this amazing collection with your friends. They will thank you for this outstanding inspiration.

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Anastasia Davidenko Nastya does yoga and loves travelling. Fashion, architecture and all fine — that aspires to a girl's heart! Anastasia is engaged in design of interiors and makes unique jewelry with a floral theme. Wants to live in France, learn the language and keenly interested in the culture of this country. Believes that the person needs a lifetime to learn something new. Favorite Anastasia book — "Eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.


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