Real stories of true love

Romantic and touching stories about true love, which is not afraid of long separation, and old age. 60 years of separation
Anna Kozlova had been married only three days when she had to say goodbye to her husband Boris went to fight in the Red Army, and she had to wait for his imminent return - at least, so it seemed to them.
While Boris fought, Anne and her family were exiled to Siberia during the Stalinist repressions, and Anna could not even submit news to her husband, and Boris was looking for a wife for many years. They were born in the same village, but Anna was forbidden to come back, so that they have lost touch.
Anna even contemplated suicide - so great was her despair. Her mother then destroyed all the memories of the couple living together - souvenirs, wedding photos, letters. In the end, Anna second time married, Boris did the same thing. About each other they knew nothing.
Years passed, and their spouses died. And then, 60 years later, something miraculous happened: Anna finally managed to come to his native village Borovlyanka, where she saw at the opposite end of the street an old man - it was Boris. He came to the village to visit the graves of his parents, and saw Anna. He recognized her at once, and ran to her. As in this tale, they played a second wedding and lived happily ever after.

Love is stronger than distance
When Irina and Woodford McClellan married, it could not even think about that before they are finally able to be together, it will still be 11 years old.
In the early 1970s, Irina lived in Moscow and worked at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations - that is where she met an American professor named Woodford McClellan. They fell in love and were married two years later, in May of 1974. But in August Woodford visa expired, he was forced to leave the Soviet Union and return home.
Woodford tried to come to his wife in Moscow, but he was repeatedly denied entry. Irina, in turn, refused to leave the country without explanation. The couple celebrated their anniversary with photos and phone calls.
Finally, after 11 years, Irene was allowed to move to the United States, and in late January 1986, she flew to the International Airport Baltimore-Washington. Her husband, with whom she had last seen 11 years ago at the airport thousands of miles away, rushed to hug her. Touching reunion spouses filmed reporters, Irina also wrote a book about his life entitled "Love and Russia: 11 years of struggle for freedom and her husband».

The longest marriage in the United States
Ann was 17, and she was born in a family of Syrian immigrants. John was 21 years old, and they both grew up in the same neighborhood. They became friends in high school, and then fell in love, but her father was planning to marry his daughter Anne for some man 20 years older than her.
Refusing to go on about the circumstances, John and Anne together fled to New York. Anne's father was furious, but one family member told him to calm down, saying that this novel can not last long. It should be noted that the lovers fled in 1932, and together then watched as the world is undergoing tremendous changes, from the Great Depression and World War II until the advent of television and iPhones.
November 24, 2013, the year John and Ann Betar noted 81 th anniversary of their wedding. The couple has a big family: five children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren already. 102-year-old John and 98-year-old Anne - the oldest couple in the United States.

Touching song
Sometimes the most touching love stories happen when one person dies of a pair.
Fred Stoboh never thought that one day lose the love of his life. In 1940 he married Lorraine, "the most beautiful girl he had ever seen," and their marriage was very happy. They had three children and four grandchildren, but after 73 years of marriage Lorraine died.
96-year-old Fred tried to pull myself together and move on. A month after the death of his wife, he came across an advertisement for a local song contest. By his own admission, musical ear Fred has never been, but he wrote a beautiful and touching song that became a hit ether.
He did not have the musical skills to write the music for the song "Darling Lorraine", so that he sent a letter to the studio only with poems. In the studio all so touched that he decided to revive the song and made a short documentary called "Letter Fred" to tell his story to the world.

"Diary" in real life
The film "Diary" is a story of a woman who suffered from dementia, and her husband, she reads this blog to remind us of her life. The film is based on a fictional love story, but in the life of this also happens.
Jack and Phyllis Potter lived this way: in the 1990s, Jack decided he did not allow his wife to immerse themselves in the solitude of dementia.
Jack began to keep a diary, even as a child, and led him throughout his life. When Jack met Phyllis October 4, 1941, the year their romance was in the pages of the diary. Jack loved the Phillies at first sight, and in his diary wrote about it this way: "A very good evening. Dancing with a nice girl. I hope that meeting her again ».
Just 16 months after that first meeting, they were married. They lived in Kent, England, more than 50 years. In the end, the Phillies dementia prevented her from living a normal life, and Jack had to deal with all matters alone, but the Phillies moved into a nursing home.
But this does not prevent Jack visited her every day and read her something from my diary. He reminds her of their family, showing pictures of children and pets. And the Phillies, no matter what, do not forget how much she loves Jack: she always overjoyed when he comes to see her. They've been married for almost 70 years.

75 years after the first kiss
In third grade, Carol Harris played the role of Sleeping Beauty and her partner on the film George Rains kissed her. He played the prince, and for both of them it was the first kiss.
After graduating from high school, George moved from Saint John, New Brunswick, Toronto, Ontario, where started a family. It took several decades, and in '61 he lost his life together wife. He decided to return to his home in St. John's, and there again met with Carol, they hit it off and became fast friends. Affair began, and after a while George did Carol offer in the restaurant "Ontario».
Journalists George said that their romance like a fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" and Carol believes that finally found her prince. So, 75 years after their first kiss, they were married.

100-year-old man married a woman of his dreams
In 1983, friends introduced Forrest Lansveya and Rose Pollard: it was at a party and asked to pair together to dance. Forrest by the time twice widowed, Rose also lost wife, who died from a long and painful illness, and to marry again not planned - she just wanted to talk.
They lived in a 64-km from each other, but did everything possible to see as often as possible. Courtship was unhurried: the next two decades Forrest often went to the Rose to see her, and then drove home that night.
In 2003, he moved to the city Forrest Rose - Kapistarano Beach, and then he made her an offer. Rose did not take it seriously, since she was 80 years old, and he was - 90, and jokingly promised to marry him when he was 100 years old. But Forrest it was not a joke, and before his hundredth birthday Rose finally decided to accept his offer.
The couple were married in the local registry office in Forrest's birthday, and spent their honeymoon in hotel nearby, in a room with an ocean view. Congratulations flew to him from all over the world, they even congratulated US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

They were born and died in one day
Les Brown Jr. and his wife Helen were born on the same day, on December 31, 1918. They met in high school and fell in love at first sight. The family was rich in forests and Helen belonged to the working class, so that their parents did not approve of love. But immediately after the age of 18 have left school, they fled together.
They married and lived their lives in Southern California. All his days they spent together, and even when they turned 90 years old, stay active and healthy. Already at the end of life of Helen found gastric cancer, and Wood suffered from Parkinson's disease. After 75 years of marriage July 16, 2013-year Helen died and Wood quietly left his wife for a day later.


Ocean of love is not a hindrance
Judy Lovell knew his grandfather, as a strict and honorable man, and therefore was delighted when I found his love correspondence with her grandmother.
David Hurd moved from Jamaica to New York in 1907 and took up any work to earn a living. He was lonely and bored wrote a letter to an unknown woman from Jamaica. The first letter Avril Kato received in October 1913, and over the next year David enthusiastically corresponded with a strange woman, even though the photos have not seen her.
With each letter strengthened their love, and one day decided to David and made an offer to the woman he has ever seen. He sent the letter and began tensely wait for a response - Avril family has given his blessing. They first met in Jamaica, where David came to his own wedding in 1914, the year. They were not disappointed - they just love became even stronger.
The day after the wedding Avril went with her husband to America. They settled in New York and raised six children. Avril died in 1962, the year, but David did not want any more to marry: he loved Avril until the last day, and passed away in 1971.




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