The twin sisters asked for an unusual gift for its 100-year anniversary

Meet twin sisters Irene crump (Crump Irene) and Phyllis Jones (Phyllis Jones) from the British town of Stourport-on-Severn, which recently celebrated its hundredth birthday.

The website offers you to get acquainted with these charming ladies and see what special gift they asked for in honor of their anniversary.

In the photo the eldest of the twins, Phyllis Jones, left, and the youngest, Irene crump on the right.

Irene and Phyllis (or Renee and Phil, as they call their family and friends) was born on 20 November 1916 with a difference of 25 minutes and since then never parted: they went to school, worked in a ceramics production company, and now live in the same house.

Renee and Phil — not identical twins, they have different looks and characters. Renee always was characterized by a steady temperament, while Phil was restless and not ceased to be, even crossed the centenarians.

The twins — not the only centenarian in the family: their elder sister, Dorothy, died in 2006 at the age of 92 years. Live long and husbands sisters husband Rene Samuel and husband, Phil ray died when they were 90.

Irene has no children, but the son of Phyllis, a 58-year-old Karl takes care of both of them: he and his wife Patricia visited the old lady every day. Carl notes that mother and aunt are quite independent and do not require constant care, in spite of its age.

Sisters are almost always celebrated their birthday together and their centenary was no exception. The celebration was attended by 48 guests, but to their surprise, Irene and Phyllis asked not to buy them gifts, and make donations to aeroclub ambulance.

The specialists of this service daily make dozens of missions to help victims of car accidents and anyone who needs urgent medical care.

Except for Irene and Phyllis, in the UK there are still 5 pairs of centenarian twins. Each of them received on the occasion of the one hundredth birthday card signed by the Queen personally, and surely everyone can find their secrets to a long life.

Sisters are no exception and their secret, according to Irene, is very simple: "Hard work and good food — that's all I can say about our longevity."

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