Facts about twins that make them even cooler

Twins, usually identical and often can not distinguish from each other, it can be fun sometimes.Even identical twins have different fingerprints.25% of twins are displayed as in a mirror: they have different birthmarks, one left handed and another right handed. This happens when the kids split up during the week after conception in a fertilized egg. Although Gemini and born in the egg, which contains a unique genetic code, the researchers found that the genomes of some twins, completely different.

Tall women are more likely to give birth to twins or fraternal twins.And women who consume more dairy products have five times more chance of having twins or fraternal twins.It's possible that twins can have different fathers! True it happens once in a million pregnancies with twins. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson (Professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University), explains that a woman produces an egg once a month, but sometimes 2 are produced at the same time, and if the mother had sex with two different men in the span of five days, it is possible that outcome.Twins interact in the womb. In the study of Umberto Castiello (University of Padua, Italy) using 3D images, it was observed that twins at 14 weeks of pregnancy begin to interact.

At 18 weeks, they touched each other more often than they touched themselves. The researchers note that analysis of the recordings revealed that the twins made various gestures to each other and were very sensitive, touching the area around the eyes of the other twin. The twins and the twins can create your own language

Up to 40% of these children invent their own language, so-called Autonomous.The researchers suspect that the twins use each other as models in developing language when an adult model language is missing. "Language" consists of inverted words and onomatopoeic expressions. These Autonomous languages are formed when two very close babies are learning to talk really close to each other. "Languages" disappear soon after childhood, once children have learned a real language.

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