The most absurd coincidence

Saved twice and twice spasitelV 30s of the last century Figlok Joseph, a resident of Detroit, walked down the street, and, as they say, no one touched. Suddenly, out of the window of a multistory building, literally on the head of Joseph fell year-old child. Both members of the accident escaped with slight shock. Later it turned out that the young mother is simply careless and forgot to close the window, and a curious child climbed onto the window sill and, instead of being killed, it was in the hands of his stunned unwitting savior. The miracle, you say? What do you call what happened a year later? Joseph walked down the street, nobody touched, and suddenly out of the window of a multistory building, literally on his head fell off the same baby! Both members of the incident once again escaped with slight shock.

A bullet that reached tseliGenri Zigland was confident that he could circle around the finger of fate. In 1883, he broke with his lover, who, unable to move the separation, killed herself. Brother girl, beside herself with grief, grabbed his gun, tried to kill Henry, and decided that the bullet reached the goal, shot himself. However, Henry survived, the bullet only grazed his face and entered the trunk of the tree. A few years later, Henry thought up the ill-fated tree cut down, but the trunk was too big, and the task seemed impossible. Then Zigland decided to blow up the tree with a few sticks of dynamite. The explosion of the bullet, which was still sitting in the trunk of a tree, broke free and fell ... right in the head, Henry, killing him on the spot.

One Life ... Stories about twins always impressive, and especially - the story of two twin brothers from Ohio. Their parents died when the crumbs was only a few weeks old. They have adopted different families and twins separated in infancy. From here starts a series of incredible coincidences. Let's start with the fact that both foster families without consulting and unaware of each other's plans, called the boys with the same name - James. The brothers grew up unaware of each other, but both received law degree, both great features and a carpenter, both married women with the same name Linda. Each of the brothers had sons. One brother named his son James Alan and the other - James Allan. Then the two brothers left their wives and married a second time on the women with the same name Betty. Each of them was the owner of a dog named Toy. You can continue indefinitely. At the age of 40 years, they learned about each other, met and were impressed by the fact that all the forced separation lived a double life.

... One death ... In 2002, the septuagenarian twin brothers died with a difference of two hours are not related to each other traffic incidents on the same highway in northern Finland! The police say that on this stretch of road have not event of an accident, so the message of the two accidents in one day with a difference in time has become for them a shock, and even when it became clear that the victims were twin brothers, the police officers were unable to explain what happened nothing more than an incredible coincidence.

... And one heart on dvoih.Bliznetsy John and Arthur Maufort lived with their families at a distance of 80 miles of each other. In the evening, May 22, 1975 the two brothers felt a strong pain in my chest. Their families (who at the time and did not know what was going on in the family relatives) almost simultaneously put the two brothers in different hospitals. Around the same time, about his brother died from heart attacks.

As in the novel by Edgar poizvestnee writer Edgar Allan Poe wrote a story which said the fate of the passengers survived the shipwreck. Many days they scoured the ocean on a fragile little boat, until hunger forced them to kill and eat one of the satellites - the cabin boy named Richard Parker. A few years later (in 1884) on the high seas has been found a skiff with the three survivors of the wreck of the people. It turned out that the survivors were four, but after a while hunger has forced adults to kill and eat the cabin boy named Richard Parker. None of the survivors did not know about the story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Three suicide attempts and one monahIzvestny Austrian portrait painter of the nineteenth century, Joseph Aigner several times attempted suicide. The first time he tried to hang himself at age 18, but was abruptly stopped from nowhere appeared a Capuchin monk. At 22, he again tried again, and again was saved by the same mysterious monk. Eight years later, the artist was sentenced to the gallows for his political activities, but the timely intervention of the same monk helped mitigate the sentence. At the age of 68 years, the artist nevertheless committed suicide (shot him in the head). His funeral that same monk - a man whose name so no one will ever know. It remained unclear, and the reasons for such a reverent attitude to the Capuchin friar Austrian artist.

Son's father won the 1858 pokerV poker player Robert Fallon shot a loser his rival, who said that Robert - sharpie and won $ 600 fraud. Fallon place at the table cleared, the prize went down there, and none of the players did not want to engage in "an unfortunate place." However, the game had to go on, and rivals, consultation, came out of the saloon out and soon returned with a young man who happened to be passing by. Freshman seated at the table and handed him $ 600 (winnings Robert) as the initial rate. Arrived on the scene police found that the recent killer cut with passion poker and won a novice who had to pay $ 600 to win the initial bet of 2 200 dollars! Having analyzed the situation and arrested the main suspects in the murder of Robert Fallon, the police ordered the transfer of $ 600 won by the deceased, his next of kin, which turned out to be lucky all the same young player who has not seen his father for more than 7 years!

Mark Twain and the comet GalleyaZnamenity writer Mark Twain was born in 1835, in the day that flew near the Earth and Comet Halley died in 1910 on the day of its next appearance near the Earth's orbit. Writer foresaw himself predicted his death in 1909. "I came into this world with Halley's comet in the next year will leave it with her».

Three Strangers on a Train 1920 three Englishmen were traveling on the train in the same compartment. In the process of dating revealed a strange coincidence: the name of one of them was Binkhem, the second - Powell, and the third - Binkhem Powell. None of them was related to the other.

Two of Mr. Bryson One room late 50-ies of the last century, George D. Bryson, make a business trip, staying in a hotel «Brown Hotel» Kentucky. After signing all the necessary papers Bryson got the room key 307. Bryson casually inquired at the reception, I do not come any correspondence addressed to him. The receptionist immediately took out and gave the businessman a letter addressed to George D. Bryson staying 307. Thus, it turned out that the writer knew in advance which room lodge Brison. The mystery was solved a little later: the letter was not addressed to the businessman and the previous guest in room 307, his full namesake, George D. Bryson.

Roman, predrekshy death TitanikaV 1898 writer Morgan Robertson wrote a novel «Futility» («The Abyss"). It tells of the first and last voyage transatlantic liner "Titan". Despite the fact that the ship was considered the most reliable vehicle in the history of mankind, it sank in a collision with an iceberg and took away a lot of lives. In 1912, thirteen years later, the transatlantic liner "Titanic", which was considered the most reliable vehicle in the history of mankind sank during its first and last voyage had sprung up in the dark on an iceberg, and taking with him a lot of lives. Roman life coincided even in small things: the book on Titan were 3,000 passengers on the real Titanic - 2207, lifeboats in the book was 24, on the Titanic - 20.

Lost book found hozyaykuV 1920 American novelist Anne Parrish, who was at that time on holiday in Paris, came across in a secondhand bookshop on your favorite children's book - "Jack Frost and Other Stories." Anne bought the book and showed it to his wife, telling about how she loved this book as a child. Anne's husband took the book, opened it and found on the title page inscription: "Anne Parrish, 209N, Webber Street, Colorado Springs." It was the book that once belonged to Anne itself.

The second person of the King of Italy Umberto I UmbertoKorol once went into a small restaurant of the city of Monza, to have lunch. Order His Majesty respectfully took the owner of the establishment. Looking at the owner of the restaurant, the King realized that before him - an exact copy of it. The restaurant owner and face and physique much like his majesty. The men talked and discovered other similarities:

And the king, and the restaurant owner were born on the same day and year (14 March 1844).

They were born in the same city.

Both are married to a woman named Margarita.

The owner of the restaurant opened a restaurant on the day of the coronation of Umberto I.No on this match is over. In 1900, King Umberto was informed that the owner of the restaurant where the king liked to visit from time to time, was killed in an accident on the shot. Do not have time to express their condolences to the King as an anarchist shot him from the crowd, surrounded the carriage.

A bad day for King Louis XVIKogda future King Louis XVI of France was a child, personal astrologer had warned him that the 21 of each month - it's his unlucky day. The king was so shocked by this prediction that he never planned anything important in the 21st. However, not all depended on the king. Twenty-first June 1791 the king and queen were arrested while trying to leave the revolutionary France. In the same year, 21 September, France declared itself a republic. And in 1793, on January 21, King Louis XVI was beheaded by guillotine.




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