The most incredible coincidences of history

1. In 1848, the tradesman Nicephorus Nikitin "for seditious speech on the flight to the moon" was sent not somewhere, and in the far settlement of Baikonur! In life there are coincidences.

2. First, said American astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon, was: "good luck, Mr. Gorsky!". When Armstrong was a child, he overheard a skirmish of the neighbours are families with the surname Gorski. Mrs. Gorski was screaming to her husband: "Rather neighbor boy flies to the moon, than you satisfy a woman!"


3. The villagers in Scotland have viewed the film "Around the world in 80 days" at the local cinema. When I climbed into the basket of the balloon and cut the rope, there was a strange crackling sound. It appears, on the roof of the theater fell... just like a balloon. like in the movie! (1965)

4. Once in the movie "Titanic" was on TV, the ship struck an iceberg, at the house of one English family fell ice meteorite, which is a rare event already.


5. In 1944, in the newspaper "daily Telegraph" published a crossword puzzle containing all the code names of the secret operations of the landing of allied troops in Normandy. Exploration rushed to investigate the "leakage of information". But it turned out that the crossword puzzle made up grizzled high school teacher. He was perplexed by this incredible coincidence, not fewer troops.

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