Unbelievable coincidence HISTORY

1. In 1848, the tradesman Nicephorus Nikitin for "seditious speech about the flight to the Moon" was sent not just anywhere, but in the distant village Baikonur! There are coincidences in life.
2. When an American astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface, the first thing he said was, "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky!". Armstrong child overheard quarrel neighbors - couples by name Gorski. Mrs. Gorski scolded her husband: "Most neighbor boy flies to the moon than you satisfy a woman!».

3. Residents Scottish village looked at the local cinema film "Around the World in 80 Days." At a time when movie heroes sat in a balloon and chopped off the rope, there was a strange crash. It turned out on the roof of the cinema fell ... the same as in the movie, a balloon! (1965)

4. When the "Titanic" hit an iceberg in the film, which was broadcast on television in the house English family ran an ice meteorite - a rare phenomenon in itself.

5. In 1944, the newspaper "Daily Telegraph" published a crossword puzzle that contains all the code names of the secret operations of the landing of allied troops in Normandy. Exploration rushed to investigate the "information leakage". But crossword compiler turned an old school teacher, puzzled so incredible coincidence no less troops.

6. Two foster families, adopted twins, unaware of each other's plans, called the boys - James. The brothers grew up unaware of each other's existence, both received law degree, married a woman named Linda, have two sons were born. They learned about each other in 40 years.

7. In 1920, three Englishmen traveled on a train in the same compartment. In the process of dating revealed: the name of one of them was Binkhem, second - Powell, and the third - Binkhem Powell. None of them was related to the other.

8. In 1920, the American novelist Anne Parrish came across in a secondhand bookshop on your favorite children's book. When she opened the book at home, she found on the title page inscription: "Anne Parrish, 209N, Webber Street, Colorado Springs." It was her own children's book.

9. In one of the supermarkets English county of Cheshire, as soon as the cash register sits at number 15 the cashier, so a few weeks later she was pregnant. Result - 24 pregnant women and 30 children were born.

10. Fifth December 1664 off the coast of Wales passenger ship sank. Killing all crew members and passengers, except one. Lucky named Hugh Williams. More than a century later, the fifth day of December 1785 at the same place another ship was wrecked. And once again escaped the only man named Hugh Williams .... In 1860, again-fifth of December, here sank a fishing schooner. In the living there is only one fisherman. And his name was Hugh Williams!


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