Jam made from orange peel

In 300 ml jar:

orange 3 pcs.
300 ml of water
sugar 300g
lemon juice 50 ml

Oranges wash thoroughly and pour over boiling water to wash the surface with a layer of preservatives. Cut lengthwise into 4 parts, each part has two. The pulp is removed, and then cut each slice in half the peel still, in the end are rather thin strips.

Peel strips placed in a bowl and pour the water completely. Soaked 3 days, changing the water regularly (4-5 times a day).

Then with a knife to remove the stripes of each albedo (the white part of the inside of the peel). Fold each strip in the spiral and spread on a thread as beads. There is an option not to remove the albedo if Tonkoshkurov orange. In this case, the spiral roll to the soaking water and pour ready beads.

After soaking peel boil for 3-4 times for 15-20 minutes each time by pouring water. After each provarivaniya beads from peel pour cold water.

In a wide pan to cook the syrup of water and sugar, put in a prepared beads, bring to a boil and simmer for 20-30 minutes, then turn off and let cool.

Repeat the process again, but after boiling add the lemon juice.

Once the jam has cooled, remove the beads and remove the skin. Pour into a jar and store in refrigerator.
# hm_kulinariya [1]



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