As a book born 18+ (46 photos)

NedoSMI reporter went to the print shop to find out how the book is born.
And the material has not been boring, I chose to book it hot photos.

Usually second photo in the report should show a general view that readers were able to provide a place where everything happens. It looks like a modern printing complex.

Any book begins with a roll of paper

This web offset printing press "Book - 70»

It prints per hour 30,000 sheets, and at once the two sides

Half of the text on the sheet - upside down

Then the sheets are folded (folded) ...

in notebooks

Next machine forms of notebooks pack. Then it is pressed to the unit was not plump

As such, they enter the bookbinding shop at sewing ...

a lovely stitcher Book sewer line "Multiplex»

30 stations listopodborki can collect a block of 30 notebooks in a single pass.

Each notebook has a number. This book consists of 18 notebooks. Why a black mark, you will soon find out.

The notebooks are arranged in a certain order numbers in the feeders ...

and automatically selected in the block

Matched blocks are sent to one of the sewing machines

Here they

The needles punch holes in notebooks and stitch them

If the book block is assembled correctly, the numbering goes "ladder».

At the end of the line automatically blocks stacked on a pallet

Meanwhile, at the other end of the shop is the production of another important part of the book - cover.

The machine for cutting cardboard makes cutting storonok Cover

Ready aside

The cover consists of two storonok (front and back) and the spine

We cover sheets cut corners ...

and loaded into a machine that generates a finished cover.

This bookends - the inner side of the cover.

At a special car to flyleaf blocks glued with hot melt and processed

Block glued to endpapers. In this book it is red

Taped units are natural drying on the conveyor

Once glued to the book bookend and treated spine, it should be dry. Two lines are built on the principle of a spiral (their length to 25 meters), which greatly saves space in the shop

Three-knife cutting "Diamond" block cuts on three sides

After that, move the blocks to insert into the cover

Our book without bookmark (bookmark) and a device with multi-colored ribbons passes by

Intercalary line. The first number on the screen - the performance of books in an hour, the second - the amount made per shift

Feeding caps. Through the second cover and the blocks meet.

Almost ready to book

Only the root level

Another moment and it becomes a habitual form. Special unit compresses the spine and puts a book in the stack.

On this line, a pack of books can be packaged in shrink film, but from our - another story

Pallets ready

Books are transported to the next shop

On this machine, they are packed ...

indvividualnuyu in shrink film and ...

Under the new law, glued warning "18+". According to rumors, the book contains profanity and something else entirely Not Another Teen.

As such, she will go to the store

All the shooting I was accompanied by two guards. When I approached the lens too much to the book, my back rested the barrel machines. At some point I was able to divert their attention and hide a few defective pages. Asked to go to the toilet, I eagerly pounced on the text. I read the occasional passage I was shocked ... brutal, sharp as a scalpel, tinged with black humor exposure of modern society. Amazing, brilliant, incredibly exciting and extraordinary povestvoanie. The thin and largely touching comedy with black humor. Big, ambitious, brilliant, cheeky, funny, stunning and masterfully written novel about modern Britain. Go to the next page, it was terrible, but to break away from reading, to the sound of a toilet door guards broke out, it is simply impossible ...



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