This woman was asked about what it's like to be old. Her response amazed everyone!

This story is made based on the familiar letters of Vladimir Pozner. American Phyllis Schlossberg once wrote to him, that one young girl asked her what it is - to be old. The unexpected question at a time had made her think about, it was difficult to formulate a response right away, but after a while she found the right words to say. And what conclusions came Phyllis Schlossberg.

According to her, old age - one of the best periods of life, because even she never had to feel so free from the desire to please all and sundry prejudices.

Of course, all of us upset that the body gradually grows old, wrinkles, we begin to look worse. But, for example, Phyllis Schlossberg did not think about it too long. She tries not to pay attention to it and enjoy life to the full. The woman claims that never would not trade all those people and events that she has in life, toned young body.

Age allowed the Phillies closer to its essence and become less critical of myself. Only many years later, she learned to truly love myself, and it made her life easier and more enjoyable. Being aged, it has ceased to blame themselves for extra piece of cake, some unnecessary bought little thing or that of the day did not do anything useful.

Woman genuinely sorry for her friends who have left this world without having to experience all the charms of old age. For example, it is only now beginning to allow yourself a lot of things, which is not allowed before - sleep till noon, extravagantly dressed, for no reason at all to recall the past of love and cry over it.

All that a person does in his old age, he makes absolutely sincere. He is not afraid of other people's judgment and can safely do what it sees fit, even if this will be followed not the most positive response. Woman aged no more doubt in himself and believes that earned the right to be wrong.

Phyllis Schlossberg like the way it began, and she likes to old age. The woman is no longer tormented by thoughts of what might happen or not happen, I do not think about how things could be a great pleasure to eat sweets every day.

Maybe the truth our knowledge of the wrong age and everything looks very different? Share this interesting opinions with your friends!

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