Who was the idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

Has anyone wondered who was the idol of Schwarzenegger as a child? They were well-known Soviet weightlifter!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born July 30, 1947 in the Austrian village of Thal near Graz. His father wanted his son to become a footballer, and it is in this sport, Arnold worked in childhood, career builder Arnie has not dreamed, and his physique does not look like a hero. Sloping shoulders, skinny legs - to look like a teenager 14 years. But the case turned his whole life.

In 1961, when Arnold, watching movies, and magazines with pictures of bodybuilders began the first steps in training with weights in Vienna held the world championship in weightlifting. Schwarzenegger was fortunate to see the strongest people in the world.

A particularly strong impression on the guy made a legendary Soviet athlete Yuri Vlasov. Russian hero, a landslide victory for the championship, has become an example for others to follow.

After the competition, the Austrian coach Heltke, which started Schwarzenegger, introduced him to Vlasov. Champion shook hands with the boy and said: "Train and victory will be for you forever. The main thing in sports - not a coward! »

After this meeting, Arnold firmly decided that would be a real athlete. The same as the Soviet weightlifter Yuri Vlasov. The next meeting of the two athletes took only twenty-seven years. In 1988, Schwarzenegger came to the Soviet Union to participate in the filming of the movie "Red Heat". After the shooting, the most famous bodybuilder of the world said he did not fly until he sees his childhood idol Yuri Vlasov.

The meeting was held at the club legends "Athletics" on Aviamotor street. It was hard to find Yuri Petrovich in the mighty 40-year-old skinny lanky teenager from the distant 1961. Schwarzenegger admitted that his success in the athletic career, he owes a lot to that meeting in the locker room of the Vienna hall "Stadthalle».

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave Vlasov your picture with the inscription: "To my idol Yuri Vlasov, with love and bow».


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