Amorous horoscope! Learn how to fall in love zodiac and create a strong and happy relationship.

Love rules the world. It's a powerful feeling sooner or later, covers the head and all, how would you have him or protested and wherever fled. Do not stand anybody! Why do not we prepare for flooding that, God forbid, do not drown in the ocean of feelings and emotions? What do the stars say about love? Today, the team information and entertainment magazine has prepared for you a unique weapon from the amorous horoscope. Learn how to fall in love zodiac - build a strong and happy relationship. What's in a relationship is your betrothed-disguised?

Aries fall silent. In the blink of an eye on his explosive and fiery temperament no trace remains. The one who won his heart, fails partially tame and curb the stubborn wild nature. Aries will not run the object of his passion, he better sit down by the river, admiring the floats corpses of rivals, and then come to their fate and, grinning, says right in the face: «Let's go into the bushes, sign». I >

Taurus fall in love passionately. Taurus finds the object sighs of his property - he must belong Taurus entirely (with all its advantages and disadvantages). Otherwise ... Oh, no, you should not know about it. The method of carrot and stick - his favorite technique in romantic relationships: «I'll have you flogged with whips, and you'll love me as cute. Like, I said! » I> Ironically, the favorite to reciprocate. Well, try to answer not only the Taurus ... Revenge terrible! If you go from the Taurus, only quietly, on tiptoe, under cover of night, that, God forbid, not to wake his anger.

Gemini fall in love with all my heart. Forever. The truth at this "forever" has a shelf life ... No, not three years, as in the famous novel. Their love lives on the strength of one or two years. Gemini is very loved-up, so the objects of their sympathy at the same time maybe even two. However, Gemini and one and the other will truly love. For Gemini is nothing out of the ordinary to cry in the morning because of one nakosyachil eternal love, and at night to cut the veins due to the eternal love № 2. In this case, their feelings really genuine.

Cancer falls in disbelief. He studies the object of his love, and kept crawling around, always doubting and closer and gently snapping claws: «And suddenly it's not the same?", "What if we had this thing, and I'll understand it is not the same? » i> Most of these suffer in a circle throwing their choices. Of these, the most persistent survive, which, so to say, immunity to cockroaches in my head ... Rakov, or in extreme cases dichlorvos. Chance of relations depends on the patience elect Cancer. But especially patient will be rewarded - love Cancer able to put the whole world at the feet of a loved one. However, the process of shifting the worlds under the feet of the favorite may be delayed and to all the well-known scheme: «And suddenly given me the world seems to him boring?", "What if he breathes chlorine, and she did not need a second oxygen world?" < / i> And so for years and years, or even decades ...

Lions fall out of favor. Leo does not know that such equality in the relationship, because he is the king, and you - so ... on foot. But if you suddenly make him a magic sentence: «And you will come from the top» i>

Virgo fall in love, as the last time. It is said about them, he smiled at her, and she had already played with him a wedding. Inviting you into my world, this sincere soul is ready to give you my hand, my heart, the left kidney, friends, cat, children from a previous marriage, and even great-aunt Luba. And if you're shy pointeresueshsya: «But something aunt, aunt why?» I>, love the Virgin answered that the economy has not yet such a thing comes in handy. If the Beloved suddenly disappears without a trace, Virgin will weep, suffer and humbly wait a year or two that favorite still change his mind and come back. Note: to change their mind and return to the Virgin - is the right decision.

Scales fall out of love for art. Libra - even those fetishists and connoisseurs! They all should be beautiful. The novel - an art. Relationship - is the work of two lovers. Scales world read like a novel. All they have in books. Libra will look beautiful, beautiful and nice to make love to close the door ... and then come back nicely, and then leave again, and then again back ... but not so nice. In general, they zadalbyvat objects sighs to impossible. But in any case, not out of malice - just how much of that life? We must try everything, dammit!

Scorpios fall in love by the way. During the lunch break between the circle and the circle of young physicists young mathematicians. Scorpions even love - the real geeks, humanitarians they do not understand. They are all counted and calculated: a lightning selection of the victim, accurate shot in the heart, and that the victim has already writhing in agony, begging: «Well, take it as me». I> Scorpio happily takes, kisses and runs on a circle of young Naturalists.

Sagittarians prefer not to fall in love at all. Because everything will end up badly. Still loving Sagittarius is not possible. Sagittarius really is so amorous that other signs nervously smoking in aside bamboo. If Sagittarius has managed to fall in love, he will listen closely to each step: «And already all bad? Or still normal? Or is it not, oh God ... » i> To build a strong and happy relationship, the pessimist is not projected on the past experiences of each subsequent elect.

Capricorns fall rationally. They do not know what bydysch, lightning, has sent both the tub and the butterflies in my stomach. These prudent cloven-hoofed animals counted up all the details. Capricorn is well aware of the fact that butterflies in the stomach are contrary to human physiology, and before you plunge into the maelstrom of relations with the head, must be properly examine all the pros and cons. It is a mistake to believe that Capricorns are herbivores. Oh, no, they do suck the blood out of you. They sit on a branch, like jaguars, peering into production over the years, then to make a fatal jump - and that's been the victim of lies and whispers softly: «I love you, too». I>

Aquarians fall correctly. While all the other signs suggest that someone has something to them should Aquarians believe that the relations themselves need to take care of someone you love. They have a unique gift - to give and not to take offense. Never mind if the beloved here for an hour does not ring. Aquarians do not require the person can not, because all of us in the end - the people. Aquarius on the late return from work responds like this: «Tomorrow is also the dam? Here, take a sandwich with cheese ». I> and sandwiches with cheese really, not with arsenic.

Fish fall of the classics of the genre. Passion replaces tenderness, snot and tears - a smile, flowers, and then ripped the shirt and broken plates - in short, everything in the best of Mexican soap operas. Fish often fall in love is not a man like him to go into a relationship at all serious. For a more vivid sensations would be good if the object of passion was the most difficult to reach: live, for example, in another city, even better - in another country, and ideally - a researcher on Mars and had no time to Pisces. Fish - the queen of the drama. It smacks of masochism, but the fish likes to suffer and overcome obstacles, otherwise there is no point to move the gills.

Very true, and most importantly - a sense of humor! And you have matched the results? Horoscopes - this is certainly good, but the one size fits all is not pricheshesh. Treat life easier and share this love horoscope with your friends.

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