The mother of this child died during childbirth. But what happened next was not expecting anyone!

Melanie Pritchard was sure that her pregnancy is good. When the fight began, it was brought to the hospital and prepared to leave. The couple already had a child, a son Brady, and full of happiness they lacked even a small little daughter. But that day everything went wrong, as planned.

When a woman prepared to leave, she felt ill, but doctors could not determine the cause of the condition. Everyone thought that this may be due to feelings about childbirth. Midwives were waiting for the bout strong, and the baby will be born. Instead, Melanie lost consciousness, her breathing and heartbeat stopped. No one understood what was happening. The woman was taken to the operating room and immediately made a cesarean section than the rescued baby.

The girl was born healthy. At this point, Melanie was for 10 minutes in a clinical death. Her lungs were ventilated with the help of a special device, and used a defibrillator to start the heart. Doctors feared that the woman is no longer able to breathe herself, and that she would need a transplant of heart and lungs.

Melanie's husband said that he said goodbye to his wife, because her chances of survival were very few. He took Melanie's arm and said, so that she fought to the last, and that he and the children love it. In the hallway of the hospital had already gathered friends and relatives Melanie, who prayed for her all this time. According to the doctors, everything has been decided in the next 24 hours. But the incredible happened, Melanie not only began to breathe, but even opened her eyes and spoke. Her first words were: «Where am I? Where's the baby? » I> This in the history of medicine has not yet happened. The real miracle!

Melanie was sure that her pregnancy is going well.


But she suddenly became ill, stopped beating heart has stopped breathing.


The woman was taken to the operating room and hooked up to a ventilator and used a defibrillator to start the heart.


Melanie's husband did not believe that he had lost his wife.


Child rescued by caesarean section. The girl was born perfectly healthy. B>


The woman was in serious condition. The doctors did not believe that she would survive. B>


But a miracle happened, and Melanie not only breathed, but even regained consciousness and spoke. After 10 minutes of clinical death such an outcome was not expecting anyone! B>


Now all are healthy and happy. The woman quickly went to the amendment. Surprisingly, after this incident she did not have any complications, and she feels the same way as before. Share this touching story with your friends!


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