For a long time I wanted to tell you about it. But because of male solidarity silent ...

And recently, Natalia, reader of my blog, sent me a question in the comments:

"Mark, and if too much like a man to be, or appear to be courageous and it manifests itself through the despotism of men, how to convince this man that he is wrong? Re it is useless to me, that's living alone for 12 years. And everything is fine with his father - was a mutual love. What's wrong? "

Natalia, to answer you this question, I must first tell the bitter truth about the nature of men. Here it is:

Man by nature - the terminator.

Yes, he goes to his goal, but he cuts off all unnecessary. This is his blessing and a curse. Why?

Creator of the Universe, the Absolute Nature God (call it what you want), wanting to know himself at all divided opposition and called them male and female.

Male part he gave the task to learn, and the female - to be known.

In other words, the man knows the outside world, but a woman knows the internal, that is, only itself.

It turns out that the whole world knows the woman and serves it.

When a man knows the woman, there is a third - of their co-creation (the child).

Since the world is infinite, man is forced to learn only a narrow part of the world. He chooses some direction and becomes an expert in this field. Others specialists.

During his professionalism he is paid by other people (men and women), and he brings a woman earned (if not bring, then it revenge for the fact that she did not consider him a man). So he told her serve.

The most successful men who make millions (or billions) dealt only in their field and do not climb into other. They built their image of the world in this little world they Creators (gods).

It is for this state, the state of the Creator's own world chasing every man. And every woman should remember it for a lifetime. Why?

Knowing that a man wants more than anything and constantly reminding him that he - God (at least for her), she binds him to his love spell better and at the same time fosters confidence in him that he can now chat brick by brick to build their own world that they both will bring success.

He was recognized and she materilnuyu security for the prosperity of her children.

The man, having the mind and logic, is getting used to limit yourself and your environment (wife and children) in everything that does not conform to his beliefs about its world image.

Such a man gradually loses flexibility of thinking and creates a poor world. Being a god in a world he himself disgusted, but still want them to be.

Most of all he wanted to anyone (this someone a woman, of course) supported him and recognized his god.

And a wise woman playing with him in this game. If she does it with love and respect, it will forever remain grateful to this woman.

If he sees this as a trick, it begins to weaken, jealous to avenge and destroy the lives of loved ones. Its life he no longer needed!

A man wants to be recognized in the eyes of a woman and it may give him this recognition.

Unless, of course, my mother in her family would not let her negative experience, that all men when they become successful go to the young and beautiful mistresses.

If the mother does not fear lodged in her daughter, the fearless daughter would support her husband.

Fear tells the woman: "Let it be weak and useless, but it will always be there. You're afraid of being alone, so drink it and do not accept it successful man, and then leave! "

Fear of lying. And as long as he believes it grows and transforms life into hell.

The man begins to limit a woman in everything: in money, in attention to her love and respect, in the knowledge of it - in all its interests.

It becomes weak and does not respect himself.

The bitter truth about men is that we are all dependent on the recognition of women.

Men to believe in yourself, you need to believe in it OTHER. This is recognition.

But the bitter truth about women is that a woman does not want to recognize their contribution to obessilivanii his men. He does not want to admit it to their Creator.

Lovely woman! Think of your love, your feeling and you appreciate it. Where it went?

Move the children! And it is a big mistake!

In the first place should be the man, and then to the child. Is the key to a happy family life!

Strength - in love, and love - is unconditional acceptance of the other as it is.

Love and weakness - a weapon of women and it always succeeds.

Even if a man does not know how to love, we must remember that it is the way nature intended, as a limiter in which the will of God.

No need to re-educate him. Just support him in his plans. No matter how silly they may seem.

Let come on its way to its abyss. Men need to jump into the abyss. Let it happen!

When he jumps, you'll see how to straighten out his wings and it turns into an eagle.

This plan of God ...

For a limited freedom always new space.

P.S. I hope you all understand Natalia ...

Mark Ifraimov


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