The whole truth about the French men

Relationship to international pair very often like a litmus test: the people of one country could never do each other such amusing discoveries, like the other two that were born and raised in a completely different cultural and social environment

. On the Internet you can find a million and one more text about the "Russian" wives abroad - readers and the authors of these articles are very fond of all the details and to exaggerate the differences between "our" women and foreign women. But I've always been interested in the topic of men - "our" and those to whom we are leaving abroad

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What, in fact, they bribe us? What do they have that is not in a great guy from his native city and country? After all, when it comes to Slavyanka, easy to immediately draw the picture in my head what we chores and caring, which is not surprising, because we were brought up in a patriarchal society.

For these virtues we so love and Europeans, living side by side with an independent, emancipated women. But when you start talking about the French men, nothing but a cliche, it never climbs: versed in wines, romance, beautiful lovers, windy, changeable, avaricious, arrogant. What is all this true? And what they are in a relationship with us - not Frenchwomen

? I was wondering exactly the point that I questioned about 50 women from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, who met / were married to French. The age range of the respondents - from 22 to 57 years. It's very different, that you can feel the answers to the 10 questions compiled by me. Today I publish the first 5.
Vowing to remain anonymous and do not disclose another's secret, I do not mention anybody's name.
What is the difference in the attitude towards women is evident at once?
I do not accidentally asked this question the first, because he pulls out the most emotional moments that lie on the surface. And my expectations: 90% of the responses were limited to what the French perceive a woman, first of all, as an equal partner in the relationship, and not as a hostess. Specifically, the word "equality" was made in each of the second response. Women are perceived as a person, it is respected, eager to make a happy, care about it, it does not exalt her as a princess and do not worship it.
But some responses slipped and bitterness just about this: that there is a pronounced gender relations, to which we are accustomed to at home, where a woman give flowers on March 8, skip forward, and at the same time a hot dinner are available each day, clean house, ironed shirt and so on.
The French, as it turned out, not the consumer attitude to his partner - it is not a laundress, not a cook, and education of children is also not included in any purely "female" responsibilities. All of the above French used to be divided into two.
But, as always, there is a small "but", and here I will quote one of the girls: "In international relations often pairs are formed by the usual scheme, which initiates the woman from" care "for a man"
. Double-edged sword, and a worldly pun: at home we do not like that all the household chores hang default on us, but she married a foreigner, we voluntarily take upon ourselves something that we have not forced
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WHO PAYS restaurant bill?
I do not know why all this is so interested, but this is a very popular question when it comes to French boyfriends. In fact, from the beginning of love with my boyfriend I was constantly pursuing some legend about the avarice of the French, which so far they did not pay. Four years later, the relationship, I am inclined to think that greed often take the European habit of buying less but better. So, about the restaurants.
There were scattered all these myths about greed: a large part of the answer says that a man pays the expense. Judging by how many women have written about it, this gesture of the French real pleasure.
In addition, some of the girls are pretty straight expressed that do not understand, when there is in any other way. At the same time, the French do not like it when a woman takes it for granted that he pays for everything - going back to the issues of equality, it is more than logical
. All other answers to the question saying "50 to 50", "pay on line" or "pay the one who invites." I especially do not share the answers to those who are married or just dating a Frenchman - and there, and the situation is about the same. I personally really liked the remark that some were added to the answer: they say that the French nice, if sometimes a woman paying bills - they see it as an expression of care and love. And I fully support them in this.
Another plane of the eternal dispute, and more - just complaints of our women that the Europeans do not give them. It develops an ambiguous impression: on the one hand - the magnificent culture of flower shops, which in France always a great variety, selling fresh flowers at the grocery markets, supermarkets and a clear demand for the product itself
. On the other hand - a lot of stories about what the French do not give flowers. Only six out of fifty women surveyed said that their men give flowers often for no reason and without reminders. The rest of the answers were limited to reinforced concrete or "never" or "only if the hint." And a separate category of "managed to accustom to flowers on March 8».
The fact that the French (both men and women) very often buy flowers home for a reason. Not a gift, not a special occasion, but simply to decorate the house. They take armfuls of the market - together with fresh vegetables, meat and cheese. From the bouquet is not doing events like we used to.
Therefore, do not give it any importance. And that is why our women so catchy. This appendage to the European equity, namely home when the flowers can be quite safely even buy herself an ordinary weekday - to please everyone who lives there. We have the same until a bunch of fixed role of Party Supplies and mark it attention to the woman.
HOW THE FRENCH demanding to the exterior?
We all know that French women often talk about - not beautiful, but with charm and stylish. And of Slavyanka - it's the most beautiful women in the world. And not even the natural beauty is astounding, and the amount of effort (time and money) that we put into their appearance.
What, again, is rooted in the patriarchal society, where everything revolves around the man - his selection, evaluation and approval. The French are much more freedom-loving and independent in this respect - their own interests are put above. As in such a situation the French men value more? Outside or internal content?
Many women in their replies emphasized that the French are much less demanding in matters of beauty and grooming than compatriots (already spoiled, admittedly). Of course, no fools - any nice when a woman next to watching them and knows how to emphasize the best in its appearance, but it is perceived only as a nice addition to the character and education
. And here the French have a fairly high standard: they love to talk about art, politics, literature, music - their companion must be able to maintain a conversation on any of these topics. Mind, erudition, broad-minded women admire them. But too bright make-up and too revealing outfits rather deter - charisma and sexuality nekrichaschaya attract them much more
. I particularly liked the comment of one of the respondents: "Be the best version of yourself" - that's what the Frenchman wants from a woman. At the same time, men who take care of themselves, they expect the same of his partner. Unfortunately, we have this tendency to work with exactly the opposite: no matter how well our female look, it will not guarantee that our man beside her would seek to look at the level
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Slavyanka VS. French - in whose favor COMPARISON
? As much as women or flirting and no cunning, but in international pair partners always draw parallels, and compared (at least mentally) of their halves: we unwittingly put the French in a row with his ex-boyfriend, who stayed at home, and our Frenchmen to notice the difference between us and their former or hypothetical Pass.
Personally, I answer to this question is a little upset. Even without the answers themselves, and the fact that our biggest advantage in the eyes of the French - is an economic and a desire to please men. Frenchwomen they call cold, fixated on himself, too demanding, pretentious, overly independent and emancipated (amusing how quickly the man had tired from emancipation, if French women were allowed to vote only in 1944).
Slavyanka on their background look like angels - a gentle, thoughtful, careful, skillfully lead a life, cook, dress up and try for a man, put family values ​​at the forefront, and (I quote one of the respondents) "content with a small»
. I often notice that Slav like regret "poor little, miserable Frenchmen" who are tired of all these independent feminists. And the survey confirmed this impression. While Europeans are fighting for equal rights, women continue to cultivate our men.
Leading role In a sense, it inhibits the development of civilization. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that "tired of emancipation," the Frenchman, choosing between two women, pick the one which has not only a rich inner world, but also culinary skills, a perfect manicure with hair and a willingness to concede.
And all would do, but in this there is a small fly in the ointment for us: in contrast to the French women who want to emphasize the individuality in appearance, Slav follow standards - high heels, long hair, red lipstick and so on. And it is striking to local men. That is, out - we somehow even too good for them

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As I processed fifty answers to their questions, it happened many bright conversations between me and my French, who also have something to compare. Especially interesting will be to publish the second part of this material, in which 50 women responded to questions about the attitude of the men to have sex on the first date, about whether it was true that the French windy and changeable, and of something else. To be continued!
Author: Olga Kotrus


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