Acupressure facial rejuvenation and good mood.


This kind of massage of the face is known to the ancient physicians of the East and the principle of its impact is the impact of the fingers on bioactive points. The main purpose of acupressure facial rejuvenation is to remove the tension and relaxation of the muscles of the face. The deterioration of the microcirculation in the facial area, the removal of spasms opening clogged pores, improve skin cell respiration, activation in the removal of toxins - all these positive effects help to achieve effective and visible results after only a few sessions of this simple and affordable treatments.


Indications for acupressure facial rejuvenation

Performing acupressure facial rejuvenation 2-3 times a week, you can see the positive results of the transfiguration appearance in a month:

improved complexion;
the disappearance of enlarged pores;
no edema;
reduction in the black circles and bags under the eyes;
reduction in pigmentation;
smoothing out facial wrinkles.
This type of massage can be a nice addition to the daily evening facials. To improve its effect will help pleasant and relaxing atmosphere: relaxing music, oil burner with a favorite natural aroma, natural composition of natural materials and a comfortable chair in a cozy corner of your home.


How is acupressure facial rejuvenation?

Before the procedure is recommended to clean the skin with suitable tools and find the point of impact. To begin with it is recommended to check the location of a "map of bioactive points of the face».


Technology impact on this point:

put your finger on the selected point and gently push it (pressure should be noticeable, but not much);
finger hold this position for 5-7 seconds;
press harder and release point (the latter the pressure of the pressure force must be the same as if you pressed the button in the wooden board, not sharp, but quite noticeable).
Massage should start with 1 point and finish point 18. Here are some characteristics of bioactive points of the face:
Technique of acupressure facial rejuvenation

1-for removing wrinkles from his forehead;
2 - Point "third eye" removes wrinkles on the bridge and eliminates fatigue;
3 - will help to cope with the wrinkles between the eyebrows;
4 - steam eliminates drowsiness;
5 - "strand bamboo", eliminates vascular headaches and helps to improve vision;
6 - doubles point, relieves headaches, sleep disorders, headaches;
7 - steam, relieves irritability, contributes to the normalization of view, eliminates headaches;
8 - is located near the ear canal;
9 -okazyvaet effect on facial muscles and allows you to get rid of premature wrinkles;
10 - stimulate the muscles of the chin and has a lifting effect;
11 - tones the skin and muscles of the chin;
12 - "anti-stress point" help get rid of any negative emotions;
13 - removes swelling and nervous tics of the eyelids;
14 - doubles, improves muscle tone, raising the corners of his mouth;
15 - encourages wrinkles in the mouth;
16 - doubles, smoothes nasolabial folds;
17 -parnaya, relieves swelling, dark circles and bags under the eyes, eliminate eye fatigue;
18 - "Beauty Point", stimulates skin rejuvenation.
Work on every point should be no more than 8 seconds. The duration of one session of acupressure for facial rejuvenation is about 5 minutes.

Sometimes, in case of serious violations in the functioning of internal organs, after one or more sessions may appear soreness in some points - in such situations it is necessary to seek help from a specialist in acupuncture, which will recommend further tactics to examination or treatment.

When acupressure is contraindicated in persons?

Damage to the facial skin.
Injuries person.
Infectious or viral diseases of the body.
Diseases of the blood.


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