African snail Achatina for an exotic massage and facial rejuvenation!

Any woman would like to have a miracle cream that effectively care for the skin, moisturizing it and permanently postpones aging. And a good idea if this is a natural cream. Do not be surprised, but this means there is - it is therapeutic snail slime. Brezguete?
Still, after a try treatments using snails is not every woman under the force. And what could be there, so the service is not very common in our. But those who dare to wander gastropods and allows for your body to give the effect mentioned above. This miracle cream - mucus, which is released from snails during their "walk." In the language of cosmetologists - wrapping of snails produce mucus that rejuvenates and tightens the skin.

For the first time about the use of snail slime talking when they noticed that the snail farm workers, leather hand does not grow old. After it was found that this mucus smooths wrinkles and prevents skin dryness.
Slime of snails contains a large number of bioactive substances, for sure you know: collagen, glycolic acid, allantoin, natural antibiotics and vitamins, with which the snail regenerates your body and "repair" their "house". Poetmu snail can treat scars, scars, burns, cuts, inflammation.
Normally, mucus snails does not cause complications, allergies, etc., so it may come to those who indulges in spa treatments because of any illness. Snails can also help to get rid of stretch marks and age spots, it is very important for young mothers. But the case for small - to allow young doctors to crawl through your body.

Ulitkoterapiya - treatment with snails - is catching on more and more. Is this justified? ..
Giant African snail Achatina Fulik - most acceptable pet for managers and simply busy people. This pet does not need to walk, to carry to the vet and spend a lot of money on his food. He did not wake you up in the morning barking and will not spoil your favorite furniture. It is not an allergy, and it is wonderful relieves stress ..
In the Slavic tradition healers used many forces of nature: herbs, honey, clay, rocks and animals. Many methods of treatment, has done an amazing way to come back to us today in the form kamneterapii, honey massage and even girudoterapii and pchelolecheniya.
But one of the most effective treatments for the person using the force of nature, has been undeservedly forgotten - treatment snails.
Well, that still preserved the tradition of native Slavic herbalist, so now there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing recovery of human health - treatment of snails in the tradition of Slavic herbalist.
Snails, these wonderful, leisurely creatures, thanks to its unique features that put them on the nature, will help you and your patients to get rid of:
 - Cellulite and "heavy fat," which is not cleaned or what physical exercises.
 - From muscle spasms and clips (including clamps neck area), and without pain!
 - From inflammation, provoking sterility and other serious diseases.
 - From stress and diseases caused by nerves (dermatitis, psoriasis).
 - From vascular dystonia.
The latest discovery in the field of medicine called the cochlea - brain donor, based on the positive results of thorough research of snail neurons, and in particular on the fact that human neurons and neurons in the cochlea require the same ionic composition of the medium when grown in culture ...

Application of snails:
Given their properties to regenerate cells and the positive impact of their impulses, Achatina used as natural massazhory. Pre snail rinse in cold running water. Prepare your face and neck for the procedure: from cosmetics to clean and wipe the milk. Then the snail to put on the skin. It should "walk" on the proposed sites she then returned to her house. You spread it evenly on the face and neck, healing separation and hold them for 15 minutes on the skin to dry completely. This skin is substantially tightened. After washing, you will feel its extraordinary freshness and creaminess. This procedure is preferably carried out in a day, or at least no less than two times a week.


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