Russian leather

Author: This process many thousands of years. Perhaps even more likely, the person first learned to him, and then got hold of the fire.
I'm not talking about the process of reproduction, I'm talking about tanning. In Russia operates Europe's biggest tannery - Ryazan, he is ZAO "Russian skin". Come visit.

First, some numbers and stories in order to understand, so to speak, the full depth of our depths. The plant will soon be a hundred years, it was opened one year before the October Revolution. He successfully processed skin of cattle in Soviet times, and that is very rare, has not stopped its activity in any 90 or later. In 1988, he was practically rebuilt by Italian comrades, and modernization of the equipment takes time. Now the area of ​​production in Ryazan is 480,000 square meters, has more than two thousand people. In 2006, the Chinese opened a branch factory. It is much smaller and mainly specializes in shoe leather.

Almost half of the production of its products are exported to Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Asia. I will not show the very first stage of production. It happens acceptance salted in barrels skins, their primary sorting and soaking in the soaking-ash drums. 21 branch receives raw skin with virtually all the major meat processing facilities in Russia. This is about 5200 tons per month.

After soaking (Soaking) nude skins fall on the first conveyor. There with them are not particularly ceremony and ship fearsome machines.

I understand in this unit is part of the water is removed. The output of every four workers inspect the skin and cut a clear marriage and the remains of tissue and fat.


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